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The 1889 Voice of the Silence (2017)

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This new edition, published on 8th May 2017, is an exact photographic facsimile of the original 1889 edition and a physical replica using very similar binding, paper and colour scheme.

The Voice was one of the last books published by H.P. Blavatsky and remains one of the most important and valued of theosophical works.

It has been brought out to put into the hands of students and researchers a completely uncorrected and unchanged version of the original text at an affordable price. It includes details such as the graphics at the end of the Fragments and also the apparent misprints in the text.

The Voice is translated from an esoteric Yogacharya Buddhist text which she called “The Book of the Golden Precepts” and is really a handbook for treading the true spiritual Way leading to attainment and enlightenment.

Comprised of three fragments – “The Voice of the Silence,” “The Two Paths,” and “The Seven Portals” – it presents the high ideal of the Bodhisattva Path with its virtues of compassion, altruism, self-sacrifice, and service to humanity.

As a reference text it will serve as a companion volume to other editions as well as appealing to those who wish to study the original text in depth.

Physical details: hardback buckram cloth cover with gold embossed title; 112 pages; includes two specially printed bookmarks for the text and rear footnotes.


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The PDF is a photographic copy of the first edition with searchable text.  Size 8 MB, April 2017.

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