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Studies in the “Secret Doctrine”

studies-in-secret-doctrine-2Studies in the “Secret Doctrine”

This volume brings together many valuable articles by B. P. Wadia from Theosophy (the magazine of the ULT in Los Angeles) during the years 1922-25.

The author had a deep insight into the true nature and purpose of H. P. Blavatsky’s monumental work and gives invaluable commentaries on its meaning and study.

In this book, all these will be made clear by one who had fathomed their secrets and presented the way for others to follow.

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A note on the value of the study and comprehension of the Secret Doctrine

In addition to the Studies, the little pamphlet Some Observations on the Study of the Secret Doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky (temp. link) can be a great help in fathoming the Secret Doctrine, one of the most profound books written for hundreds of years on the mysteries of Nature, Man, Consciousness and the beautiful thing we call the Natural World.

We say profound because only now do we see clearly how little we really understand – and by implication to appreciate at its right value – the natural world. Its ceaseless exploitation can only be halted and by the perennial Wisdom Tradition, which has been teaching, warning and cajoling man to respect it and study it with an open mind unfettered by physicalism or its worse but too-close cousin, blinding self-interest.

The true study of Man and great Nature needs and deserves our understanding – and indeed saving from dire misuse! – without which life can only have trivial meaning. It is only though a right and intelligent viewpoint, the ethical and occult one, that we can rightly appreciate the hidden source of Nature’s elegance and harmony in all its wonderful and mysterious degrees of operation. How else can man fathom the seven planes of cosmic matter-consciousness that stretch from the lowest & earthy astral – through the lower archetypal and intellectual manifested but ethereal worlds – up to the most sublime and highest of all, Plato’s hidden archetypes on the formless planes of the three arupa Logoi.


Studies in the “Secret Doctrine” by B.P.Wadia

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