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Welcome to the Course

The course is based on the original writings of the theosophical founders Mme H.P.Blavatsky and William Q Judge.  These, in distinction to some latter writings, remain the most reliable source of esoteric philosophy.

They are incomparable for those who wish to know about the mysteries of being, of the life principle in Nature (the mysterious Jiv-Atma, science’s little understood ‘life & consciousness’), of the opportunities and responsibilities we have for our evolution, and how we can work harmoniously with greater Nature in the universal task.

These doctrine is proven by the study and time of great many sound thinkers and compassionate individuals.  They are wholly self-consistent & – above all – they lead the diligent seeker to a deep and beneficial transformation by the gradual removal of the barriers of separateness that hold him down.  Why ‘separateness,’ it is asked?  In the philosophy this seemingly innocuous ‘sin of separateness’ is described as the root of selfishness.  It’s opposite is that feeling of Unity which leads us to altruism.

The Lineage

The views given in theosophy are not new.  Nor are they the invention of any single person but arise from the work of countless generations of initiated sages and adepts since the earliest times of humanity.

The course presents this philosophical and ethical system through a series of 10 topics, these themes providing the earnest student with an enlightening and reliable basis for a deeper search, safely and wisely.

Such noble and enlightening ideas are found in many religions, but the claim is made that the perennial wisdom of ‘Theosophy’ originated and preceded each and every religion, which are more or less faithful copies of it suited and adjusted to time and conditions.  The true theosophical teachings have a constant, ancient and traceable lineage that precedes the great sages and teachers of even the earliest historical periods in both the East and the West.

By taking the course you will gain a knowledge of Theosophy as it was originally given in its purity, beauty and depth.  The  invitation is to study and assess it impartially, judging it by its merits and one’s own life experience.  For those who have charity for their fellow men and who value the truth above all, they will find many of their questions soon answered.

The topics

1.  Reincarnation,  2.  Karma,   3.  The Mahatmas,   4.  The Mind,    5.  Astral Body,   6.  After Death States,   7.  Sleep & Dreams,   8.  Cycles,   9.  Evolution,     and   10.  Psychic Laws.   (each topic has a short Q&A for you to complete)

The course concludes with a final topic on “The Theosophical Movement”, a historical summary of how this ancient knowledge has been taught by many of the great thinkers of the ages, to guide humanity’s cultural, scientific and social evolution.

At the end of each topic there questions to be answered in your own words and sent in.  Sample answers are provided and brief comments will be made on your answers.

Recommended Course resources for these topics:

  • The Ocean of Theosophy and The Key to Theosophy (see below)
  • Student’s 20 part Index for filing course notes, details here


5 pm Sunday meetings on Skype, phone or at Queens Gardens

Sunday meetings from 5 – 6:30 pm are for enquirers and those on the course to raise questions in an open discussion Q&A format.  The meetings can be joined on Skype or phone, or at the centre in Queens Gardens.

Dates and topics:

1st Sunday in the month      Topics 1, 2 & 3    eg 1st Jan 2017

2nd Sunday in the month    Topics 4, 5 & 6   eg 8th Jan 2017

3rd Sunday in the month     Topics 7, 8, 9 & 10  eg 15th Jan 2017

the remaining Sundays         general discussions

on subjects of interest & current study  eg 22nd January & 29th January 2017



a) Q: Is the course material available by post or email?  A: yes, either.

b) Q: Is it free?   A: It is always free of charge, donations are always welcome but are not asked for.

c) Q: I’ve got questions on the course material, when can I discuss them?  A: yes,  there is a Sunday study class that is held monthly or you can ask questions by correspondence.

The topics are sent free by post or email as Word documents. Your answers can be returned by email, post or fax.

For FAQs on other topics click here.


Next steps

If you would like to join the course then follow the instructions below for enrolling, the reading list and the Skype guidance. Please do ask if there are any questions!


  • Enrolling

To enrol tick the box in the the enquiry form

You can also contact us by email and please say how you would like to receive the course, by email or by post.

You can join the monthly Q&A class at any time by providing your Skype ID or phone number.


post:     ULT Correspondence Course,  Robert Crosbie House, 62 Queen’s Gardens,   London,  W2 3AH,  UK.

fax:       +44 8445 834 714     mobile +44 7753 619 953

Your details will remain private and won’t be used elsewhere.


Thank you!



  • Essential reading

These two books are essential reading for those taking the course:

        “The Ocean of Theosophy”   by William Q Judge

        “The Key to Theosophy”   by H.P. Blavatsky

These original writings contain the clearest statements of the philosophy and its application.

The PDFs are available on the links below, hard copies can be purchased from the ULT on the ‘Library’ page, they can be sent by mail and payment made by credit or debit card, contact us for details.


judge-ocean-of-theosophy       The Ocean  (1.7 MB PDF)

Key to Theosophy  The Key  (1.6 MB PDF)


The Indian paperback editions are under £3 and good value, the American hardbacks are harder wearing, under £8.


  • Guidance for Skype & phone users

You are welcome to join by Skype or phone conference call.  Please first read Guidance for Skype phone users on how to make contact and practical things like checking how to mute and un-mute your microphone..



  • A note on the editorial policy in naming living individuals

The Editors do not in general comment on living people unless it is essential to the defence and right understanding of the philosophy so to maintain its integrity.