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Welcome to the Theosophy London Centre website where you will find details of our activities, the programme of events, study courses, and other resources.

The aim of the group is to form a centre of brotherhood for the study and practice of the Ancient Wisdom of Theosophy so as to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life, and it welcomes to its association all who share its interests and goals.

You may like to review the frequently asked questions as they cover some of the common theosophical questions.

There is also a new page Where to Start? for those new to Theosophy looking for a short course of reading.

H. P. Blavatsky & William Q. Judge

H. P. Blavatsky (“HPB”) and William Q. Judge are widely recognised as the most reliable writers on the perennial Wisdom that came from the early and seminal years of the Theosophical Movement.

They were founders of the original Theosophical Society in 1875 and their position as trustworthy proponents of the Wisdom-Tradition was given specific endorsement at the time by the Trans-Himalayan Mahatmas (“the Brothers,” who are Masters of Wisdom) who were behind its founding and guided it in the early years.

The United Lodge of Theosophists was founded in Los Angeles in 1909 by Robert Crosbie, who had been a close and devoted pupil of HPB and Judge and worked closely with them.

The ULT’s primary aim was, and still is, to restore a focus to the vast body of teachings and knowledge that had been given in the original Theosophical literature. The London UK Lodge of the ULT was established in 1928 by B. P. Wadia, Theodore Crombie and others.

About the ULT & London Centre

The United Lodge of Theosophists is a free and voluntary association of students and the Centre at Robert Crosbie House in Queen’s Gardens, Paddington, welcomes enquirers and questions on Theosophy and its application. Events are always free and no membership is required although those in sympathy with the purposes of the Lodge may wish to become an Associate of the ULT.

From the start of October to end of June every year, the Lodge holds talks and study meetings on Sundays and study groups on Wednesdays. Seminars on topical subjects are held quarterly on Saturdays. During the summer months there is a somewhat reduced programme of meetings.

The April-June 2022 programme is here and the July-September 2022 programme is here. All the meetings can be attended in person at the Lodge or joined online, with the exception of Thursdays, which are online only.

Join Us

It is not necessary to become an Associate of the ULT to join any of the activities, but it welcomes to its association all in accord with its Declaration of Policy and who see the value of its work in the advancement of knowledge, spirituality, and the right relations between humanity and Nature. What it means to join the ULT is discussed here.

We are located at 62 Queen’s Gardens, London, W2 3AH which is in the Paddington / Lancaster Gate area of Central London. The Lodge can be reached by phone at 020 7723 0688, or 07753 619953. You can also click here to get in touch with us online.

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