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Those highlighted ***** give a good introduction to Theosophy.

There are also articles in Spanish and Arabic.

Author NameArticle Name
The Maha Chohan *****The Great Master's Letter, the Aims of the Theosophical Movement*****
H.P.Blavatsky *****'The Tidal Wave' of Souls with references ***** (some of the best of HPB's writing on our current cycle)
H.P.Blavatsky *****Proem to the Secret Doctrine *****
W.Q.Judge *****Who are the Sages? *****
H.P.BlavatskyReincarnation – A Logical Necessity
H.P.BlavatskySeven Kinds of Dreams
H.P.BlavatskyThree Fundamental Propositions
H.P.BlavatskyChrstmas then and Christmas now
H.P.BlavatskyTen Items from Isis Unveiled
H.P.BlavatskyPsychic and Noëtic Action
H.P.BlavatskySpiritual Progress
H.P.BlavatskyOur Three Objects
H.P.BlavatskyThe Akhund of Swat
H.P.BlavatskyIs Denunciation a Duty?
H.P.Blavatsky & othersThe Laws of Healing - Physical and Metaphysical
Theosophical Movement 1875-1925The Vindication of H. P. Blavatsky
W.Q.JudgeCycles & Old Friends of the Sacred Tribe of Heroes
W.Q.JudgeThe Skin of The Earth
W.Q.JudgeThe Three Planes of Human Life
W.Q.JudgeThe Synthesis of Occult Science
W.Q.JudgeOn Occult Philosophy
W.Q.JudgeTheosophy Generally Stated
W.Q.JudgeFriends or Enemies in the Future
W.Q.JudgeOn the Future A few Reflections (on 6th Race)
W.Q.JudgeWhy Races Die Out
W.Q.JudgeAphorisms on Karma
W.Q.JudgeAn Old Message From The Master
W.Q.JudgeConcentration or Raja-Yoga
W.Q.JudgeThe Esoteric She
Master KHA Master's Letter
Damodar K. MavalankarContemplation
The BuddhaThe Buddha to General Sinha on War & Soldiering
B.P.WadiaWhat Is God?
ULTHistorical Reformers – Some Predecessors
ULTPractical Theosophy
UnknownA Turkish Effendi on Christendom and Islam
UnknownThe Three Desires
AnonymousWhat is Death?
AnonymousConversation between a Christian and a Theosophist
The Book of ImagesThe Heart of Parasan
Jasper Niemand (Julia Campbell)The Sleeping Spheres
Vera Zhelikhovskaya (sister of HPB)H. P. Blavatsky and the Modern Priest of Truth - A Reply to Mr. Vsevolod Solovyov 1893

The Where to Start page points to articles and books that give a good description of the doctrines and aims of the Theosophical Movement.

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