Those highlighted ***** give a good introduction to Theosophy.

Author NameArticle Name
AnonymousWhat is Death?
H.P.BlavatskyReincarnation – A Logical Necessity
H.P.BlavatskySeven Kinds of Dreams
H.P.BlavatskyThree Fundamental Propositions
W.Q.JudgeThe Three Planes of Human Life
ULTPractical Theosophy
ULTHistorical Reformers – Some Predecessors
H.P.BlavatskyChrstmas then and Christmas now
W.Q.JudgeOn Occult Philosophy
H.P.BlavatskyProem to the Secret Doctrine *****
H.P.BlavatskyTen Items from Isis Unveiled
The Book of ImagesThe Heart of Parasan
W.Q.JudgeWho are the Sages? *****
W.Q.JudgeCycles & Old Friends of the Sacred Tribe of Heroes
H.P.BlavatskyPsychic and Noëtic Action
W.Q.JudgeThe Synthesis of Occult Science
B.P.WadiaWhat Is God?
AnonymousConversation between a Christian and a Theosophist
The Maha ChohanThe Great Master's Letter
Master KHA Master's Letter
W.Q.JudgeTheosophy Generally Stated
Damodar K. MavalankarContemplation
W.Q.JudgeFriends or Enemies in the Future
H.P.BlavatskySpiritual Progress
H.P.BlavatskyIs Denunciation a Duty?
H.P.BlavatskyThe Akhund of Swat
W.Q.JudgeWhy Races Die Out
W.Q.JudgeOn the Future A few Reflections (on 6th Race)
W.Q.JudgeAphorisms on Karma
W.Q.JudgeAn Old Message From The Master
W.Q.JudgeConcentration or Raja-Yoga
The BuddhaThe Buddha to General Sinha on War & Soldering
UnknownThe Three Desires
H.P.Blavatsky & othersThe Laws of Healing - Physical and Metaphysical
Jasper Niemand (Julia Campbell)The Sleeping Spheres

The Where to Start page points to articles and books that give a good description of the doctrines, aims and methods of Theosophy