United Lodge of Theosophists, London, UK

ULT History and Organisation

ULT History and organisation

The United Lodge of Theosophists was founded by Robert Crosbie (1849-1919). His long Theosophical experience and deep Theosophical devotion were instrumental in bringing it to birth in the City of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., in 1909.

Other Lodges have been formed from time to time in other cities, all taking the Declaration of the parent Lodge, and all in fraternal affiliation with it and with each other. Each United Lodge is wholly autonomous.

This is specially for two reasons:

(a) To do away with any and every vestige of authority in matters which are, in their very nature, purely spiritual, moral and intellectual;

(b) to put each Associate and each Lodge (or body of Associates) on their own responsibility under the Declaration and the Pledge of Associates.

“Theosophists is, who theosophy does,” and no amount of official supervision or procedure, or any loftiness of professions, can do away with Nature’s Law. One is an Associate to the extent that he embodies theosophy; a Lodge is United to the extent that it is true to the Declaration.

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