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Who has the truth & who can be trusted?

[Long Eared Owls, kind courtesy Volodymyr Burdiak CC BY-SA 4]

As the owl is renown for his clear sight, so questions like these can be answered by students after careful study and a logical observation of facts.

Is archeosofica similar to Theosophy? The best regards!

Many requests for information on New Age and other beliefs are really asking “Who can be trusted?”

It may save some correspondence and valuable time to give a reply sometimes sent to inquirers:

The organisation mentioned is not known to us. Asking questions of others is easy, it is however much better do your own looking around and research, this becomes relatively easy once you are equipped with the principles of the Perennial Philosophy.

It is not so difficult and you don’t have to take another person’s word for it.

By this method you will not only gain greatly in your own capacity and self-confidence but also expand the innate but underused power of discerning truth from part-truth, and so help yourself and – more importantly – you’ll be later able to show others who are searching how to do the same. The truths of the Ancient Way are there for those who want them and are prepared to think and question.

The first and best way is to investigate the core beliefs of an organisation and correspond them with what YOU know about the principles of wisdom, ie self-consistency and no ducked or shunned questions. H. P. Blavatsky does this in her writings – do you read her works?

On the methods of research that the Masters of Wisdom use, it is often and natural to ask “how did they learn?”

It is answered: by checking, testing, and verifying in every department of nature the traditions of old by the independent visions of great adepts; i.e., men who have developed and perfected their physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual organisations to the utmost possible degree.

No vision of one adept was accepted till it was checked and confirmed by the visions – so obtained as to stand as independent evidence – of other adepts, and by centuries of experiences.

The Secret Doctrine, 1:272-3

(here is the full text of “The Ancient Source & Methods of Research of the Mahatmas”, it is one of the FAQs.)

You can also read these articles and books in the online library (all are from reliable, verified original sources) and notice

  • firstly the use of logic and types of valid reasoning that stand up to critical examination, and
  • secondly the timeless method of research which asks that no one take anything on a single person’s dicta but that researchers collaborate in a peer review process very similar to the one used in contemporary science.

But above the intellect also see the pattern of motive and ethic that runs through them all like a golden thread; it is a self-effacing love of humanity and the supremely Buddha or Christ-like desire to relieve another man’s sores.

As students of philosophy and metaphysics our questions follow well laid-down and logical principles.

These are six of them:

* is the supreme & ultimate principle quite free from anthropomorphism (the ‘personal God’ idea)?

* do the ideas given differentiate between the spiritual and the psychic? True, both are nominally “ethereal” but otherwise quite dissimilar. By analogy and literally “as the Sun is to the Moon.”

* are the perennial esoteric doctrines of Karma, Reincarnation, and the cyclic nature of manvantaric & human life taught?

* is the idea of Universal Brotherhood and unselfishness always present?

* what does it teach about duty and self-discipline? e.g. service to one’s family & friends, colleagues & employer, the community & the environment, and perhaps most importantly the domesticated and wild animals, our younger & innocent brothers?

* is there respect for the free will of all, irrespective of race, belief & status? Members should not be lax in matters of the physical body, should exercise discipline and charity in finance and be free of acts of coercion. In the present times power, money, and sex are the commonest failings, in both East and West. They are not hard to spot and must not be overlooked.

These are some of the pointers that demark a great from a mediocre spiritual tradition. Bear them always in mind, and they will soon become second nature.

Read the metaphysics of “The Secret Doctrine” and you discover the root of these sad divergences from Nature’s grand design.

Welcome to the path of the searcher for Truth; it is not difficult it just takes dedication, patience and above all a great love for humankind.

Stay in touch when you have at least started your own homework with care and discernment. We send our good wishes to you,

The United Lodge of Theosophists

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