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Theosophical Influences on the 21st Century

November 15th 2020   
145th Anniversary Meeting with two talks
On 17th November 1875 a Movement was launched by a fraternity of Eastern Adepts whose aim was to help mankind spiritually, ethically and scientifically. Those interested in humanity are invited to attend and learn how the philosophy can and does help ideals, directly and in the astral light.


The programme is here in PDF plus these are the talk slides:
(a) The Influence of Theosophical Thought on Religion Science in PDF and
(b) Theosophical Influences on Modern Art, Music and Literature in PDF or .PPTX

Additional reference
The Solar Dynasty (PDF) established the first line of 5th Race Adepts and was closely connected to the Lunar Dynasty of Krishna & Gautama Buddha.

Theosophical Meditation (part 3 of 3)

February 9th 2020: Presentation with Q & A

In this conclusion to the series we’ll explore the practice of Raja Yoga, how to develop concentration, and evaluate sensations & psychic experiences that may arise while meditating.

The handout is here, it is a compilation from H. P. Blavatsky & other reliable authors. The preliminary reading is “Notes on the Gita, Chapter 4. Meditation series information page.

The exercise in concentration taken up during the meeting illustrated Patanjali’s Aphorism 35 of Book 1 on steadying the mind by “sensory cognition.” Listen to this music from 2 mins 30 secs until the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDnt6ibWMMQ. Close your eyes and focus on the high piano notes; maintain that concentration; observe how the lower notes try for your attention. Try it several times, shutting out the lower notes. (Alfred Schnittke’s Piano Quintet V mvmt. Moderato Pastorale)


The Psychology of the Ancients

February 2nd 2020: Talk with Q & A

“Psychology” means “Science of the Soul” and gives a proper foundation for physiology, which modern science is now re-discovering through its radical mind-matter experiments. (handout here)

Theosophical Meditation (part 2 of 3)

January 26th 2020: Presentation with Q & A

Theosophical meditation teaches the highest path of progressive unity with the Self, the One universal principle, Atman. Six examples of meditation are given, leading to the integration of our being, removal of obscurations, and union with the inner divinity.

The handout is here, it is a compilation from H. P. Blavatsky & other reliable authors. The preliminary reading was “Notes on the Bhagavad Gita” p. 64-67.  Meditation series information page.


Theosophical Meditation (part 1 of 3)

January 12th 2020: Presentation with Q & A

Theosophy teaches meditation practice and helps the development of one’s own “self-induced & self-devised efforts,” an essential part of all self-directed meditation. This 90 minute introduction session introduces the primary aim, union with the Higher Self, the unchanging Perceiver of all change.

The handout is here, it is a compilation from H. P. Blavatsky & other reliable authors. The preliminary reading is Buddha’s Chapter 8 of The Dhammapada on “The Thousands.” Meditation information page.


Rebuilding the Temple

January 5th 2020: talk with Q & A

St. Paul writes to the Corinthians, “You are the temple of God and the spirit of God dwells in you.” This can be the basis for a new year of brighter opportunities.


Artificial Intelligence & Theosophy

July 17th 2019: Presentation with Q & A

Exploring the concept of AI: should we be afraid of it or embrace it? Is it linked to the idea of “collective intelligence”? We’ll find out how Theosophy sheds light on this very contemporary topic.

The handout is here, the preliminary reading from The Dhammapada on “Vigilance” is on page 5.


Immortality & The Guruparampara Chain

April 7th 2019: Talk with Q & A

In the chain of beings, the highest links have reached immortality – or continuity in consciousness between incarnations – through their own merit.

The septenary classification of principles referred to at the start is here.


The Mystery Tradition

March 24th 2019: Talk with Q & A

All the mystery schools taught initiates the esoteric principles to ultimate Union with the Divine, as well as the secret wisdom of nature, man, and the universe.


St. Germain & Cagliostro, and Mesmer & Swami Dayanand (two short talks Seminar)

March 23rd 2019: Talk with Q & A

The 4th On the Path seminar on well-known teachers from the East & West from the 15th to early 19th century. We will study their lives and see why their ideas have so much to offer in this technological age.

Handout text here


William Q. Judge & “The Three Divisions of Karma”

March 17th 2019: Annual WQJ Day Meeting

Karmic Law is made clear and practical in WQJ’s books and articles. To understand Karma and Reincarnation is the first step, & Judge’s life and work show the skill with which he walked the Path.


The Bhagavad Gita: The Opportunity of Being (3 of 3)

March 10th 2019: Study Group

Regaining the True Self. The Gita is called ‘The Lord’s Song’, it is a personal book and guide. The Speech of Life is a song, sung to every being so it can “know Itself“, the story of developing consciousness.

Bhagavad Gita Chapters 13-18 Knowledge, this handout includes “A Review of Chapters 1 to 12, on Action & Devotion,” “A Summary of Chapters 13 to 18 Knowledge Jnana Yoga.” Also included are “A Commentary on ‘The “Lord’s Song”: a Personal Book’ and “The Dhyana Sloka,” a sung meditation that traditionally precedes the study of the Gita. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37UqD5woZdc


The Foundation for True Education

March 3rd 2019: A Talk with Q & A

Character building and spiritual, moral development were once the core of education. How can we revive those in modern education?


The Bhagavad Gita: Devotion to Wisdom (2 of 3)

February 24th 2019: A study group

Krishna’s ten instructions to Arjuna (whom we are); the relation of Universal Spirit to the personal Self; the Practical Path and self-discipline, removing causes of ignorance; special hints to Occultists.

The Bhagavad Gita Chapters 7-12 Devotion, this handout includes an overview of the First Six Chapters; a summary of Chapters 7 to 12 “Devotion” Bhakti Yoga; “Special Hints to Occultists in the Gita”; an “Overview & Implication of what Krishna teaches, in 10 Points” and “The Dhyana Sloka,” a sung meditation that traditionally precedes the study of the Gita. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37UqD5woZdc


Eternal Duration and Moments in Time

February 17th 2019: A Talk with Q & A

The Spiritual idea that time is an illusion has been expressed by Einstein’s Relativity, and Theosophy extends this further to our mental perceptions as much as the conditions of physical environment. Eternal Duration and Moments in Time (handout of ODP slides)  and in PDF


The Bhagavad Gita: The Song of the Lord (1 of 3)

February 10th 2019 A Talk with Q & A

Introduction to the Gita’s 18 chapters, their principal ideas and their division into three natural stages of progression: Action (Karma Yoga), Devotion (Bhakti Yoga) and Spiritual Knowledge (Jnana Yoga).

The Bhagavad Gita Ch 1-6 on Action-Karma Yoga, this handout includes “The Structure of the Gita”, “A summary of Chapters 1 to 6 “Action” Karma Yoga”, “15 Principal Ideas of the Gita”, “The Dhyana Sloka” a sung meditation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37UqD5woZdc


The Meanings of the Myth of Lucifer-Prometheus

February 3, 2019 A Talk with Questions & Answers

“Theosophy sheds light on this universal myth which contains allegorical truths about man and his evolution.”


Head and Heart, Knowledge and Love

January 20th 2019, A Talk with Questions & Answers

“It is often said that we should be governed solely by our “heart” but is this the way and the method of the Adepts and the Masters? What is the right balance between intellect and feeling or study and devotion?”


Symbols in the Sky: The Sun of ‘The Secret Doctrine’

January 6th 2019 A Talk with Questions and Answers

Pure Spirit is a “fiery BREATH in its absolute Unity” and manifests as the “Central Spiritual Sun”, the electric Fire of all Life. That the visible Sun magnetises and gives Life to the Earth is no fable. This is the

The Sun of the Secret Doctrine (handout on the Centre of the Milky Way, the Central Sun and the attitude of physical scientists, philosophers and ‘practical mystics.’)


Human Intelligence – a Ray from the Cosmic Mind – and Artificial Intelligence

December 2nd​, 2018 A Talk with Questions & Answers

The Perennial Wisdom teaches the creation of human consciousness-intelligence by the expansion of the eternal Mind. The intelligence of the earliest ‘golem’ robots and modern Artificial Intelligence is its elemental aspect.  Handout is here.


A New Consciousness – the 143rd Anniversary of the Theosophical Movement

November 18th, 2018 A Talk with Questions & Answers

On 17th November 1875 a Movement was started by a certain benevolent Eastern Occult fraternity to elevate human consciousness at a critical point in human history, and this work is actively continuing today.

Handout is online here.


Universal Truths of the Transcendentalists

November 18th, 2018 A Talk with Questions & Answers

Emerson and Thoreau promoted great Universal Truths such as cultivating intuition and self-reliance , and looking for the Deity within, and these ideas are much needed by all people, especially the young. (There is no handout for this talk.)


The Sun God in Men and Mahatmas

January 1, 2017 A Talk with Questions & Answers

“In Occultism, man is called a solar-lunar being, solar in his higher triad, and lunar in his quaternary. Moreover, it is the Sun who imparts his light to the Moon, in the same way as the human triad sheds its divine light on the mortal shell of sinful man.” (HPB, “The Theosophical Glossary” p. 76)

Handout is online here.


Our Seven Divine Parents

December 4, 2016  A Talk with Questions & Answers

Much misunderstanding exists about the Seven Rays, including in some Theosophical circles. This talk presents an overview of the


Partakers of Divine Wisdom

November 17, 2016  Theosophical Movement Anniversary Meeting: Two Talks with Readings

“Theosophia” means “Divine Wisdom” and the Masters have encouraged us to be “partakers” of that Wisdom.

Handout with readings here.


The Welcome Influence of William Q. Judge

November 3, 2016  A Talk by a ULT associate for the Blavatsky Lodge at the Theosophical Society in London

H. P. Blavatsky called him “my only friend” and described him as being part of her being for aeons. Who was he in reality and why has he remained largely unknown and rejected by “The Theosophical Society – Adyar”?


The Roots of Western Occultism

August, 2016  A Talk with Questions & Answers, from the United Lodge of Theosophists in New York City, USA

There is a distinct and sacred lineage which is the Ancient Source of the modern Theosophical Movement and its authentic teachings as presented by H. P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge.


Living Consciously, Dying Peacefully

June 26, 2016  Two Short Talks with Questions & Answers

Everything is a matter of consciousness. What we call “death” is merely the other side of ever-present Life.


The Arguments & Evidence for Reincarnation

April 3, 2016  A Talk with Questions & Answers

There are many sound arguments and much convincing evidence supporting the actuality of reincarnation.


The Life of Paracelsus

June 5, 2016  A Talk with Questions & Answers

H. P. Blavatsky called Paracelsus “the greatest Occultist of the Middle Ages.”


Mindfulness, Meditation & Raja Yoga

25 June, 2016  Seminar with 4 Talks and 2 Q&A Panels

“Let us meditate on that which is in us as the Highest Self, concentrate upon it, and will to work for it as dwelling in every human heart.” (William Q. Judge)

Handout with readings here.


William Q. Judge, the Link Between East & West

March 20, 2016  Two Talks with Readings

To H.P. Blavatsky he was the link between “American thought and the trans-Himalayan Esoteric Knowledge.”

Handout with readings here.


Truth perceived by transcending Pleasure & Pain

March 6, 2016  A Talk with Questions & Answers

Transcending attraction and repulsion leads to seeing the true nature of things and to right action.


Theosophy and Buddhism

February 21, 2016  A Talk with Questions & Answers

Theosophy & Pure Buddhism are closely related.  Are they the same? What is the importance of Buddha?

Reading plus references and the Srimaladevi Sutra


Theosophy on Stoicism & Mindfulness

February 7, 2016  A Talk with Questions & Answers

As ‘thought’ is the real plane of action so Theosophy has important views on modern Stoicism and mindfulness.

The Sacred New Year

January 3, 2016  A Talk with Questions & Answers

The esoteric New Year is 4th January, a significant and sacred day for various reasons.


Discovering “The Secret Doctrine”

December 5, 2015  Seminar of 6 short talks with Q&A panels

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