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Living the Life by B.P.Wadia

These articles from B. P. Wadia are for “those who aspire to change and to improve their mode of living” and follow that beneficial discipline which leads to the higher states of living and being. Shri Wadia taught that practice and study go hand in hand, and when these are both practised daily they mutually […]

Studies in the Voice of the Silence by B.P.Wadia

 “Studies in the Voice of the Silence” by B.P. Wadia In his deep examination of the meanings in this classic text, B.P. Wadia’s penetrating analysis makes available new insights on it.  Highly recommended to the serious student of The Voice. CONTENTS I.  The Wandering Heart II.  The Slayer of the Real III.  The Mind of […]

The Building of the Home by B.P.Wadia

Building of the Home by B.P. Wadia The regeneration of society is the greatest need of our civilization, and therefore the ancient ideal underlying the institution of the Home must be accepted and practised. No culture worthy of the name can come into being when that ideal is lost sight of. In this series of […]

Studies in the “Secret Doctrine” by B.P.Wadia

Studies in the “Secret Doctrine” This volume brings together many valuable articles by B. P. Wadia from Theosophy (the magazine of the ULT in Los Angeles) during the years 1922-25. The author had a deep insight into the true nature and purpose of H. P. Blavatsky’s monumental work and gives invaluable commentaries on its meaning […]

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