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Robert Crosbie

A Book of Quotations from Robert Crosbie by Robert Crosbie

Daily quotations from the writings of Robert Crosbie Crosbie’s quotations on Theosophy and living the Theosophical life are an inspiring guide to the study of the ancient wisdom, informing ones practical affairs and human relationships. They give a vision for the Theosophical Movement’s future as true, compassionate and vigorous. Crosbie’s ideas obtain their vibrancy and force from […]

Answers to Questions on the Ocean of Theosophy by Robert Crosbie

Answers to Questions on the Ocean of Theosophy by Robert Crosbie For many years Mr Crosbie conducted classes on the Ocean of Theosophy, creating an ideal modulus for group study and mutual assistance in understanding the philosophy. Above all Mr Crosbie directed attention of students to the importance of William Q Judge, author of the Ocean, as the foremost […]

Universal Theosophy by Robert Crosbie

“Universal Theosophy”  by Robert Crosbie A compilation of 30 talks and selected quotations from Robert Crosbie on how he continued the theosophical work after the passing of H.P. Blavatsky and William Judge. His writes of his role with characteristically humility: “We have undertaken a high mission and a heavy task — not because we think ourselves so […]

The Friendly Philosopher by Robert Crosbie

The Friendly Philosopher – Robert Crosbie               [PDF & html] Containing letters written to fellow Theosophists and talks given at meetings, “The Friendly Philosopher” reveals the kind and open-hearted wisdom of Robert Crosbie, the man responsible for the founding of the United Lodge of Theosophists. This collection of letters and talks, over 400 pages, shows both […]

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