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A Book of Quotations by William Q Judge

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Each day has a quote from one of Judge’s letters or articles showing how his kind wisdom and penetrating intellect provided insights into the philosophy which gained widespread recognition and appreciation by the strong Theosophical community in America he helped to build.

Judge’s lifelong aim was for humanity to make its way through the world with less suffering and fewer miseries. His writings mark him out as one of the great spiritual preceptors and teachers of the 19th and following centuries.

His often simple but profound advice speaks the language of a great and compassionate mind:

I want you to stop as much as possible any wish to progress.

The intense desire to know and to become, and to reach the light, is different from the thought: I am not progressing: I know nothing. The latter is looking for results.

The right position to take is the wish to BE. For then we know. The wish to know is almost solely intellectual, and the desire to BE is of the heart.         (March 16th)

Dwelling daily on these quotes provides new perspectives for all occasions and is well recommended. His mentor and co-founder of the Theosophical Society, H.P.Blavatsky, called him her friend of aeons: he will be found a friend to all who strive to find the path to a better Way.


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A Book of Quotations by William Q Judge by William Q Judge

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