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A Book of Quotations from Robert Crosbie

Daily quotations from the writings of Robert Crosbie

Crosbie’s quotations on Theosophy and living the Theosophical life are an inspiring guide to the study of the ancient wisdom, informing ones practical affairs and human relationships. They give a vision for the Theosophical Movement’s future as true, compassionate and vigorous.

Crosbie’s ideas obtain their vibrancy and force from his devotion to the needs and welfare of humanity coupled with a deep appreciation for the trials mankind is passing through, of which he was a first hand witness in the events of his and other’s lives.

His writings broaden our perception to a wider reality and man’s journey to better conditions, even if from our present poverty and ignorance of ideals. He wrote that by an aspirant’s study and effort

… the light may dawn and a feeling of power and strength and purpose arise that will do away with fear and make him a strong, helpful being in the world of men.

(March 24th)

A daily reading of these quotations provides new insights and understandings on how we relate to the world around us, our duties in it and what our role as responsible citizens should be.

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About the author

Robert Crosbie was a lifetime student of the perennial wisdom, the founder of the United Lodge of Theosophists in Los Angeles, USA, and the first editor of ‘Theosophy’ monthly magazine which he managed for seven years from 1912 until his death at the age of 70.

Other writings by Crosbie in this online library include The Friendly Philosopher (a collection of his letters, talks and articles providing the reader with an inspiring and sustainable vision for the Theosophical Movement) and the last 11 chapters of Notes on the Bhagavad Gita, a project that his mentor and friend, William Q Judge, started and which Crosbie completed following his death in 1896.

This edition is a reproduction of the hardback published by The Theosophy Company of Mumbai, India. www.ultindia.org



A Book of Quotations from Robert Crosbie by Robert Crosbie

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