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The Dhammapada
is one of the great books of the world. It ranks with The Bhagavad-Gita, Tao Teh Ching and Verba Christie in the New Testament.

How it is a recognized part of the Buddhistic Canon; when it was compiled; why it is revered as containing authentic words of the Master—and other such scholastic problems—need not be considered here. Those who are interested in such problems will find full information in numerous volumes—from Max Müller’s “Introduction” in Volume X of the Sacred Books of the East (1881) to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s “Introductory Essays” to his Dhammapada (1950).

This is not a new translation. It is only a rendition. Over a score of translations have been consulted in its compilation and of course our debt of gratitude to them is large.

The present volume is especially meant for all those who aspire to brighten their day to day living, and who are seeking for inspiration and enlightenment. The Dhammapada can bestow this, gift: it has the power to bring to the heart and the mind of earnest readers “the right perception of existing things, the knowledge of the non-existent.” There are soothing and comforting and encouraging verses in The Dhammapada; but, most of all, its sections awaken the mind and energize the heart and take them to a better way of living. It offers tonic for self-examination, nourishment for reflection and stimulant for self-discipline. It raises consciousness from the sentient state to the plane of the Soul. There is peace born of insight, there is contentment born of understanding, awaiting the student-devotee who follows the foot-falls of Master Gotama Buddha.

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Dhammapada by The Cunningham Press

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