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Picture of Echoes From The Orient

Echoes from the Orient by William Q Judge

This small book first appeared in 1890 as a series of articles selected by the reforming philanthropist editor for her new paper Kate Field’s Washington to treat a subject that grow out of the popular demand for something useful on ‘life, living and its purposeful ideals’ suitable for a wide audience.

At this time Theosophy was gaining critical acclaim and a short series on it was thought to be desirable and necessary.

Its Oriental philosophy was radical and progressive, it introduced the ideas of Reincarnation and Karma for the first time to many in the West.  Those who heard about Eastern sages “who are the guardians of Theosophical truth” were struck by its new concepts – an approach to life that was at once sympathetic, religious and practical and that had no need for priests nor Gods to follow.

The old structures from 2,000 years of European history were giving way to something more inclusive, reasonable and philosophically coherent… the echoes of a once universal ancient wisdom.

It taught of independent groups of spiritually-minded sages and wise men who collaborated with each other – regardless of the boundaries of religions and continents – to bring enlightenment to all men and races.

These theosophical writings inspired many to explore its teachings and to give them their consideration – it was the start of the New Age of thought.

It was based on the sound and ageless principles of Eastern metaphysics, and the cycle is still being worked through as it gives birth, and when it fully emerges out of the old one it will deserve the attention of all thoughtful and the charitable people of what ever race, religion and country.


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