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Five Messages from H P Blavatsky to American Theosophists



Five Messages from H P Blavatsky to American Theosophists

These letters from H. P. Blavatsky to the American Theosophists outline the special conditions that America and the West are living through and provide hints, warnings and relating to the rapid changes of this transition period.

Her words will inspire those moved by the present state of society and who wish to improve it.

She shows how it can be done and how to avoid the dangers of confusing true, natural spirituality with the lower occult forces of psychic practice.

Blavatsky shows spiritual searchers that faculties like astral travel, mind-reading & predicting the future are psychic and not necessarily spiritual, and she promotes a simple and unwavering ethic based on brotherhood and focuses on the study of metaphysics as the basis of a healthy psychology, one that puts man’s latent capacities to use in the service of humanity, as she did herself.

These ethics of Theosophy are of the very highest importance to humanity as they have the proven power of raising men’s minds and sweetening their hearts, whose basis rests on a perennial and well-researched metaphysics. She writes:

“Learn, then, well the doctrines of Karma and Reincarnationand teach, practice, promulgate that system of life and thought which alone can save the coming races.”

Pure and simple philosophy as this kindles a Sacred Fire in the heart of the serious student and is capable of transforming and elevating the too-worldly desires that materialism is unthinkingly and unwisely promoting. By the study and practice of this ancient system the aspirant is lead safely on the path of true human and social reform.

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Historical Note

HPB paid a special tribute of gratitude to William Q Judge in her 5th and last message, writing:

“… my oldest friend and fellow-worker, W.Q. Judge” whose “unflagging and self-sacrificing efforts in America… deserves special mention.”

She appears to have seen the splits in the Theosophical Society that were to occur after her passing and thus put on record her complete approval of William Q. Judge’s main work which ran from 1878 to his death in 1896 during which time he created in the USA one of the largest, most loyal and well-

ed sections of the Society.

Five Messages from H P Blavatsky to American Theosophists by H.P.Blavatsky

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