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Student’s 20 part Index

Students 20 part Index for filing articles & notes

Student’s 20 part Index

Students 20 part filing index

A practical and attractive ring binder for filing Theosophical articles, handouts and notes by subject so you can find them easily.

Designed for the Theosophical Correspondence Course, it is also useful for all serious students to help keep track of their notes.

The index takes A4 and US Letter pages and is made from high quality recycled materials.  You will need a two-hole paper punch.







Index page

Students 20 part index contents page inside


















The Index is listed in the Price List on the top page. The 20 part Index consists of a pre-printed Index page, 20 coloured dividers and a ring binder (two rings 80 mm) for ~200 sheets.   The price is £7.00.

If you have a ring binder or prefer a larger capacity lever-arch folder, then just the separators can be supplied for £4.50, reducing the postal charge which for 250 gms would be £4.25 to the Americas / Asia, but check your hole puncher is 80mm / 3.15 inch to match the separators.

To save airmail costs you can obtain and mark up your own file separators as in the picture above.

To order and get the exact P&P charges email info@theosophy-ult.org.uk.

Student’s 20 part Index

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