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The Dream of Ravan

The Dream of Ravan is not just a suberb account of the great Indian epic of the Ramayana but also includes a great exposition of esoteric Indian philosophy.

Published in 1853 in The Dublin University Magazine without an author’s name, it shows a deep knowledge of Indian culture and history. It is thought to be the work of one of the Indian Theosophical Mahatmas who 22 years later was closely involved in founding the Theosophical Movement in New York.

With Introductions from Sophia Wadia and G. R. S. Mead.

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A contemporary reviewer wrote that The Dream of Ravan

… breathes throughout a charming temper, the temper of a poet who is also a mystic, who is not only versed in Vedantic psychology but has proved upon his pulses the truths of this ancient Science of Being.

… the reader will find the richest spiritual wisdom. And perhaps the most significant of these is that which defines the three “states” of consciousness through which the individual should grow to completeness.

it is treated here with a luminous clarity… the work of both a poet and a seer.


Theosophical readers who know The Voice of the Silence may be interested to read how the condition of the illumined Yogi is described “by Krishna to his friend Arjuna, in the 6th Adhyaya of that most mystic of all mystic books, the Dnyaneshvari” which are here quoted at length, on pages 190-3.


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