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The Friendly Philosopher


The Friendly Philosopher – Robert Crosbie

Containing letters written to fellow Theosophists and talks given at meetings, “The Friendly Philosopher” reveals the kind and open-hearted wisdom of Robert Crosbie, the man responsible for the founding of the United Lodge of Theosophists.

This collection of letters and talks, over 400 pages, shows both a deep understanding of the purpose of the Theosophical Movement and also a great compassion for the difficulties that are faced by students who aspire to wisdom. His faithful representation of the original lines arose from closely working with the founders, H.P. Blavatsky and William Q Judge.

The Friendly Philosopher” is full of practical wisdom and is some of the best and most perceptive modern theosophical writing, besides giving a sensible response to popular distortions of Theosophy.

Here one finds insights into Crosbie’s powers of discrimination that helped him formulate the essential principles on which the ULT’s work could be effective and helpful, then as much as today.

They inspire the reader by showing how he applied the principles esoteric philosophy to form the nascent ULT in 1909 in Los Angeles.  By the time of his passing in 1919 the ULT had become a well-managed centre that had re-established the perennial lines that are so vital to meaningful study and practice of the ancient Path and love of Wisdom. His tact and insight in answering questions, allaying fears and bringing hope to those who worked with him to build what became a band of devoted co-workers and into whose safe hands he cheerfully trusted the future of the ULT on his passing.

The collection covers the early years of the ULT but includes letters when he was an active member of the Theosophical Society during and after William Judge’s time.

It gives inspiring advice and encouragement for many on the Path whose challenges Robert Crosbie personally knew well and which he solved in his quiet but effective way.
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The Friendly Philosopher by Robert Crosbie

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