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Through the Gates of Gold by Mabel Collins

A review from William Q Judge’s Path magazine wrote:

In certain respects the book may be regarded as a commentary on Light on the Path. The reader would do well to bear this in mind. Many things in that book will be made clear by the reading of this one.

The “Gates of Gold” represent the entrance to that realm of the soul unknowable through the physical perceptions, and the purpose of this work is to indicate some of the steps necessary to reach their threshold… It speaks to the Western World in its own language, and in this fact lies much of its value.  [The Path, March 1887]

However this may not have been written by Judge, as the review reads “Those of us who have been longing for something “practical” will find it here.” By 1887 Judge was a well-instructed practical and philanthropic occultist who would have been unlikely to write in that vein.

H. P. Blavatsky’s comments on it were less complimentary calling it “so inferior to Light on the Path or the Idyll of the White Lotus, that no devotee would ever think of claiming as its author a “Master”” and that  it was a “rather weak Theosophical production.” [Light, London, Vol. IX, No. 440, June 8, 1889, pp. 277-278, and in BCW 12:286]  It is for the reader to judge the book’s merits.

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ChapterI The Search for Pleasure 3

ChapterII The Mystery of Threshold 25

ChapterIII The Initial Effort 32

ChapterIV The Meaning of Pain 46

ChapterVThe Secret of Strength 64

Epilogue 84

Through the Gates of Gold by Mabel Collins by Mabel Collins

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