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ULT Its Mission and Its Future 2016

ULT Mission and Future 3D pictureA recent reprint of the original that describes the ULT’s role, methods and raison d’etre for its activities.


The United Lodge of Theosophists, founded in 1909 by Robert Crosbie, holds a unique place in the Theosophical Movement. Its “Declaration” states its policy is “independent devotion to the cause of Theosophy, without professing attachment to any Theosophical organization” and that “the work it has on hand and the end it keeps in view” are “the dissemination of the Fundamental Principles of the philosophy of Theosophy, and the exemplification in practice of those principles, through a truer realization of the SELF; a profounder conviction of Universal Brotherhood.”


Information and explanation on the background, purpose, and methods of work of the ULT, now an international association of students of Theosophy with Lodges and Study Groups in many nations.

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First US edition              1923     published in Los Angeles, four years after Robert Crosbie’s passing.

2nd US edition                c. late 1940s   some references updated; speaks of the “Parent Lodge” rather than the “Mother Lodge.”

1st Indian edition           1947     close copy of the 1923 LA edition; adds reference to the work of the Indian ULT.

3rd US edition                1960s   includes examples about the role of Theosophy Company.

1st Indian reprint           2016     copy of the 1947 Indian edition.


ULT Its Mission and Its Future 2016 by ULT

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