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Universal Theosophy

universal-theosophy“Universal Theosophy”  by Robert Crosbie

A compilation of 30 talks and selected quotations from Robert Crosbie on how he continued the theosophical work after the passing of H.P. Blavatsky and William Judge.

His writes of his role with characteristically humility:

“We have undertaken a high mission and a heavy task — not because we think ourselves so eminently fit, but because we see the need and there is no one else to do it; and we also know that we will not be left alone in the doing.”

The Friendly Philosopher


This collection of articles are complementary to those of H.P. Blavatsky and William Q Judge and are in perfect accord with their ideas and occult metaphysics.

Crosbie studied under the Founders and his writings helped guide the formation in 1909 of the nascent ULT in Los Angeles.  They remain a vital source and are as reliable a guide now as they were during those times when pseudo-Theosophy was on the rise during the critical time when the New Age movement was taking its first steps.

His writings are clear, profound and simply put and they are recommended to all who wish to understand the essentials of the esoteric philosophy as it was originally taught and who want a reliable source book for their studies.



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CONTENTS with page numbers


The Eternal Verities

The Foundation of Religion 1

Our God and Other Gods 5

The Kingly Mystery 10

The Recognition of Law 15

The Origin of Evil 19

What Reincarnates? 24

Real Memory 28

The Cause of Sorrow 33

What Survives after Death? 38

Can the Dead Communicate? 42

Sleep and Dreams 48

Instinct and Intuition 53

The Creative Will 57

Man, Visible and Invisible 62

Renunciation of Action 67

The Law of Correspondences 72

Culture of Concentration 78

Mental Healing and Hypnosis 83

The Occult Side of Nature 88

A League of Humanity 93

New Year’s Resolutions 98

Occult Knowledge 102

The Power of Suggestion 108

True Clairvoyance 113

True Morality 119

The Storehouse of Thought 125

The Language of the Soul 130

Theosophy in Daily Life 136

Three Kinds of Faith 140

Planetary Influences 146 (not in the FP)

Work for Theosophy

Quotations from the letters of Robert Crosbie 151-171


[ All the articles except ‘Planetary Influences’ are in “The Friendly Philosopher.”  The page numbers in the PDF are from the original pagination and are located at the bottom of the page. ]
Universal Theosophy by Robert Crosbie

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