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William Q Judge’s Collected Articles

W Q Judge 2 volumes of collected articles


William Q Judge book cover 2 volumes

William Q Judge’s Collected Articles in 2 volumes

William Q. Judge was one of the principal co-founders of the Theosophical Society and simultaneously with H.P. Blavatsky was the other main contributor to the theosophical doctrine.

Judge’s perceptive insights and his care for his fellow theosophists gave energy and inspiration to the growth of the Theosophical Society in America during the 1880s and 90s.

His articles are in agreement in their philosophy, ethics and practice with those of his co-worker and companion H.P. Blavatsky and give insights to all, from intellectuals to labourers, into its understanding and the leading of a theosophical life.

His writings are a most accessible and practical interpretation of the ageless wisdom, one he had long mastered.


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An historical note on the value of Judge’s role to the Theosophical Movement

As the value of his writings are better appreciated, his reputation is undergoing a restoration following the challenges he faced after H. P. Blavatsky’s death. She and Judge remain the two most reliable writers in modern Theosophical literature and their partnership was long lived and very remarkable.

HPB wrote to Judge on 23rd October 1889 that he was “a part of herself for several aeons”; in her last message to the Convention of American Theosophists in 1891 that he had “…proved in a thousand ways his entire loyalty to the best interests of Theosophy and the Society.”


CONTENTS  for Volumes I & II

including an Alphabetical Index at rear of Volume II


Volume I

Theosophy Generally Stated

The Application of Theosophical Theories

Universal Applications of Doctrine

Which is Vague, Theosophy or Science?

The Synthesis of Occult Science

Universal Brotherhood a Fact in Nature

Theosophical Doctrine

Cycles and Cyclic Law

Theosophy―Its Claims, Doctrines, and Progress

Religion and Reform from a Theosophical Viewpoint

The Promulgation of Theosophy

Upanishads on Re-Birth

Reincarnation in Judaism and the Bible

Reincarnation in the Bible

Christian Fathers on Reincarnation

Friends or Enemies in the Future

Respecting Reincarnation

Argument for Reincarnation

Why Races Die Out

Reincarnation of Animals

Transmigration of Souls

The Persian Students’ Doctrine


Aphorisms on Karma

Karma in the Desatir

The Moral Law of Compensation

Thoughts on Karma

Advantages and Disadvantages in Life

Is Heredity a Puzzle?

“Men Karmic Agents”

Is Karma Only Punishment?

Is Poverty Bad Karma?


Cyclic Impression and Return and Our Evolution

The Kali Yuga

Another Theosophical Prophecy

The Signs of This Cycle



Rings, Rounds, and Obscuration

Rounds and Races

The Earth Chain of Globes

The Earth Chain of Globes II

The Earth Chain of Globes III

Kali Yuga and the Coming Race

On Evolution

Mars and Mercury

How to Square the Teachings

Moon’s Mystery and Fate

Three Great Ideas

Plain Theosophical Traces

Points of Agreement in All Religions

Things Common to Christianity and Theosophy

Theosophy in the Christian Bible

Jacob Boehme and the Secret Doctrine

A Buddhist Doctrine

Regarding Islamism

Proofs of the Hidden Self

Remembering the Experiences of the Ego

The Three Planes of Human Life

The Sevenfold Division

The Subjective and the Objective

“The Self Is the Friend of Self and also its Enemy”

Meditation, Concentration, Will

Culture of Concentration (Part I)

Culture of Concentration (Part II)

Occultism: What Is It?

Considerations on Magic

Of Occult Powers and their Acquirement

Glamour―its Purpose and Place in Magic

True Progress―Is it Aided by Watching the Astral Light?

Shall We Teach Clairvoyance?

Delusions of Clairvoyance

Astral Intoxication

A German Mystic’s Teachings

Occultism for Barter

Bogus Mahatma Messages

Claiming to be Jesus

Give Us One Fact

The Kali Yuga―the Present Age

Elementals and Elementaries


Elementals―How They Act


Laws Governing Elementals

“Forms” of Elementals

Conversations on Occultism with H.P.B.

Conversations on Occultism      (inserted on new pages in Vol 1 p.422-a & -b)

Occult Vibrations

Occult Teachings

The Power to Know

Mental Discipline

Rules in Occultism

Occult Arts



Some Propositions by H. P. Blavatsky


H.P.B. at Enghien

Prince Talleyrand―Cagliostro

Imagination and Occult Phenomena

Spiritualism Old and New

About “Spirit” Materializations

Spiritualism―A “Spirit” testifies on Materializations

Before American Spiritualism

Communications from “Spirits”


How She Must Laugh


The Sheaths of the Soul

Mesmerism and the Higher Self


Hypnotism and Theosophy



What Is the Udgitha?

Studies in the Upanishads

Two Lost Keys: The Bhagavad-Gita―the Zodiac

A Commentary on the Gayatri

Theosophical Symbolism

Theosophical Symbols

Hidden Hints in the Secret Doctrine



Volume II 

“Yours Till Death and After, H.P.B.”

H.P.B.―A Lion-Hearted Colleague Passes

Masters, Adepts, Teachers, and Disciples

H.P.B. Was Not Deserted by the Masters

“Blavatskianism”; In and Out of Season

The Esoteric She

The Allegorical Umbrella

The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts

An Interesting Letter

Our Convictions

The Adepts

H.P.B. on Messages from Masters

Authorship of Secret Doctrine

Word on the “Secret Doctrine”

The Adepts and Modern Science

The Adepts in America in 1776

Adepts and Politics

Will Masters Help be Withdrawn in 1898 until 1975?

Are We Deserted?

Prophecies by H. P. Blavatsky

The Impudence of Modern Philosophers

India a Storehouse for Us

Vast Works of the Past

Cities under Cities


Are the “Arabian Nights” all Fiction?

Astrology Verified

Direful Prophecies

An Ancient Telephone

Wrong Popular Notions


Our Sun and the True Sun

The Theosophical Movement

One of the Signs of the Cycle

On the Future: A Few Reflections

Organized Life of the T.S.

The Future and the Theosophical Society

Seventeen Years Ago and Now

The Closing Cycle

The T.S. and its Basis

A Reminiscence

Suggestions to Branches

Universal Brotherhood and Admission of Members

Theosophical Objects

Theosophical Society and Reforms

Why the Theosophical Society Is Poor

How the Society Is Run―Who Pays?

A Servant of the Masters―Col. Henry S. Olcott

Theosophy and the Theosophical Society

Theosophical Study and Work

What Our Society Needs Most

What the Masters Have Said

Dogmatism in Theosophy

Closed or Open Lodges

Each Member a Centre

Methods of Theosophical Work

Hypocrisy or Ignorance

Cautions in Paragraphs

Theosophical Don’ts

The Path of Action

The Theosophical Society

Theosophy as a Cult in India

Madame Blavatsky in India

The So-Called Exposé of Madame Blavatsky

The Theosophical Society as Related to Brahmanism and Buddhism

The Letter to the Brahmans

India and her Theosophists

Nigamagama Dharma Sabha

The Truth about East and West

Report of Proceedings Eighth Annual Convention

William Q. Judge’s Statement at the European Convention

The Charges against William Q. Judge (I)

An Old Message from the Master

The Charges against William Q. Judge (II)

The Persecution of William Q. Judge

Letter to European General Secretary

A Further Communication from Mr. Judge

A Mahatma’s Message to some Brahmans

“The Judge Case”

Report of Proceedings Ninth Annual Convention

Farewell Remarks of Mr. Judge on the Vice-Presidency

H.S.Olcott vs. H.P.B

Letter to European Convention

The Theosophical Society in Europe

Theosophical Studies

Much Reading, Little Thought

Of Studying Theosophy

Theosophical Theories of the Microcosm

Stumbling Blocks in Words

“The Gates of Gold”

Iconoclasm toward Illusions

How Should We Treat Others?

Theosophy and Capital Punishment

Suicide Is Not Death

“Reward for Unmerited Sufferings”


Modernized Upanishad

An Allegory

Spiritual Gifts and their Attainment

Hit the Mark

Mechanical Theosophy

Practical Theosophy

Am I my Brother’s Keeper?

Papyrus―The Gem

The Dweller of the Threshold

Musings on the True Theosophist’s Path


Of “Metaphysical Healing”

Affirmations and Denials

The Cure of Diseases

Replanting Diseases for Future Use

If Methuselah Existed, Why so Short our Lives?

Why Yoga Practice Is Dangerous

Theosophic Diet

Answers to Questioners

The Enquirer

The Stream of Thought and Queries

Questions and Answers


Stray Memoranda

On Disappearance

Rig-Veda on Gambling

Culled from Aryan Science

A Prophecy about Theosophy

The Press and Occultism

The Screen of Time

Theosophy (A Letter from a Friend)


A Word on Pronouns


About Killing Animals

The Formation of Crystals

The Secret Doctrine and Physiology

Would Universal Language Aid Universal Brotherhood?

A Chat with Correspondents


The Path

A Year on the Path

The Second Year

Two Years on the Path

The Third Year

The Path’s Fifth Year

Fifteen Years Ago

Six Years Gone

Seven steps Forward

Seven Years Gone

The Work Since May

The Test of Theosophic Interest

A Circulating Library

Theosophical Tracts

T.S. Correspondence Staff

The New “Department of Branch Work”

Committee Work

The Oriental Department

The General Secretary’s Tour

The Press Scheme

The Theosophical Congress―the Parliament of Religions

Theosophical Correspondence Class

Change of Name


William Q Judge’s Collected Articles by William Q Judge

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