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Finding the Path to the Good & the True

17th June 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 6:15 pm


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Seminar handout


The theme of the workshop is 





The seminar will explore the Theosophical teachings on man’s relationship with the ineffable One and his pilgrimage to re-connect with ‘That.’ The philosophy teaches it is this alone that brings Truth, Beauty and Justice to man’s daily and hourly experiences.

There will be three workshops, in an open format of study and discussion, on:

     1. The beginning-less Pilgrim who ‘ever was’

On man’s destiny and inescapable journey and struggle towards Goodness and Truth.

     2. A history of the soul’s journey through the early races

A history from the most ancient Easterns of India, through old Chaldea and Egypt to the modern Euro-American Westerner.

     3. Creating a new future for society & religion

A future that will bring better times for the many, a more rational Western esotericism that will give deeper insights into man’s nature and his path to the Good.


A short talk will introduce each subject, followed by 35 minutes of reading and discussion of collations from original theosophical texts.

It is these writings whose coherent form and vision made the 1875 Movement the best respected and widely commented on development in science and philosophy of the century, and 140 years on still has an enduring effect on man’s thought.

Join us in exploring these positive and life affirming themes, they provide a sensible, compassionate and rational understanding which is needed as society goes through this period of transition.  They lead to new ways of thinking, living and especially serving our families and communities.

All welcome, free entrance, there is no need to book.

The map & directions are on the Contact page.

Seminar handout




Quarterly workshop-seminars

Workshop-format seminars will create a time and space conducive to the study of the writings of H.P. Blavatsky & William Q Judge, the founders of the 1875 Theosophical Movement. These sessions will enable meaningful learning and give the opportunity to read and discuss at first hand their original writings.

This is the first series of workshops on the theme “Finding the Path.” The titles for the September and December Workshops will be announced in due course.


*  from the idea of the ONE, the source of all “Good.”  ‘Goodness’ in Eastern and Western sacred texts is the ultimate object of knowledge, it is that which gives all things their usefulness and value. The ONE and the Good are not a ‘personal God’ as Plato shows, they reach beyond being to the absolute, eternal Source. In modern terms, to the origin of consciousness.

Theosophy shows how the individual can remake the connection to ‘THAT’ (SAT), the resting place and destiny of humanity who follow the ancient truths.



Updated to three workshop groups, 5th June.

Finding the Path to the Good & the True


17th June 2017
3:00 pm - 6:15 pm
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