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Hypatia & Tsong Kha-pa, Bruno & Paracelsus

15th December 2018 @ 3:00 pm - 6:15 pm


Seminar Welcome & Programme for Great Teachers of Middle Ages

Study texts on Hypatia, Tsong Kha-pa, Giordano Bruno and Paracelsus


The third On the Path seminar on 15th December 2018 takes four great teachers from 400 CE to the end of 17th century to re-discover what has always existed, a universal and natural system of ethics and science.

Hypatia Tsong-kha-pa Bruno Paracelsus seminar ad details

We will study their lives and writings of four great men and women who are remembered as being amongst the most brilliant thinkers of their times:

Hypatia, a 5th century Neoplatonic astronomer and mathematician, famous through out Egypt for her learning and integrity.

Tsong Kha-pa, the 14th century Tibetan adept who reformed Buddhism, founded the Gelugpa (lit. the “Virtuous Ones”) lineage and and started the end of century endeavours to enlighten the West.

Giordano Bruno, a 16th century Italian ex-friar who became a famed Pythagorean and theurgist who opposed the Church’s unscientific dogmas.

Paracelsus, “the greatest Occultist of the Middle Ages” H. P. Blavatsky calls him, he was born in Zurich in 1493 and gained renown as a doctor able to cure almost any illness, and as a prophet and philosopher.

The afternoon will show how these figures promulgated, often against backward-thinking opposition, the scientific idea of the evolution of humanity. But in contrast to the physicalist approach of much of today’s science, this evolution embrased both the physical and the immaterial (psycho-spiritual) states.

These great thinkers and reformers all shared a teaching that mankind is in a sacred unity with nature, that his journey through the universe is a natural expression of evolutionary progress that is universal and operates without any gaps, throughout the cosmos.





You are invited to join this free study on these great lives and their practical ideals.

The Seminar opens at 2.30 pm and starts promptly at 3 pm, all welcome, no booking or tickets.

A recording will be made for those unable to come.



The On the Path Seminars

A series of seminars focusing on great minds from past millennia in order to discover the basis of their ideas and help ourselves to answer the ethical, technical and environmental questions of today. As societies periodically reinvent themselves, more enlightened and equitable ways of life are called for, and these perennial ideals provide the inspiration and guidance to re-imagine the roles we can play.

Hypatia & Tsong Kha-pa, Bruno & Paracelsus


15th December 2018
3:00 pm - 6:15 pm



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