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Hypatia & Tsong Kha-pa, Bruno & Paracelsus

December 15 @ 3:00 pm - 6:15 pm


This third On the Path seminar takes four great teachers from 400 CE to the end of 17th century to show what has always existed, a universal and natural system of ethics and science.



During the seminar we will study the life and writings of these great minds, and why they matter today.

Hypatia  a 5th century Neoplatonic philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who achieved fame for her enlightened and scientific teachings, her name lives on as a testament to her learning and courage.

Tsong Kha-pa the great 14th century Tibetan Adept and reformer who introduced a purified Buddhism into his country and founded the Gelugpa lineage and was responsible for instituting the 100 year cycle of effort for Western enlightenment of which the Theosophical Movement is a vital part.

Bruno (Giordano), the 16th c. Italian Dominican friar who became a renowned theurgist, Pythagorean philosopher and teacher of the heliocentric system at the time of Nicolaus Copernicus. A life-long opponent of dogmatism, and a defender of truth and the scientific method.

Paracelsus “the greatest Occultist of the middle ages,” Philip von Hohenheim was born in Zurich 1493 and renowned as a doctor who was able to cure almost any illness. He was a remarkable clairvoyant and prophet, the discoverer of Nitrogen, and reviver of ancient and universal truths about nature and the universe.

These three Western teachers all lived in the dark ages of Europe and paid for teaching their pre-enlightenment wisdom with their lives, but their works lived on and inspired the Renaissance and today their ideas on science and philosophical enquiry are of value to all serious and open-minded thinkers.


[ the texts for the seminar will be added here shortly ]



You are invited to join this free study on these great lives and their practical ideals.

The Seminar opens at 2.30 pm and starts promptly at 3 pm, all welcome, no booking or tickets.

A recording will be made for those unable to come.





December 15
3:00 pm - 6:15 pm


United Lodge of Theosophists
62 Queens Gardens
London, W2 3AH United Kingdom
020 7723 0688


ULT office
07753 619 953
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