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Mindfulness, Meditation and Raja Yoga (Seminar)

25th June 2016 @ 2:45 pm - 6:15 pm



The London ULT cordially invites you to join the seminar.


Meditation according to Theosophy is developed by cultivating an inner life free of the delusive thoughts of the personal self, that simply and progressively achieve higher states of consciousness and abstraction and is carried out through well known, responsible and beneficent practices.

Eternal Flames


The theme of meditation is now a popular one although its practice is often misapplied or ineffective.

The method is to gradually realise the Self and see circumstances in a new light, universally and informed by such ageless ideas as repeated reincarnations, the just nature of Karma, and the presence in all Beings of a periodically evolving Universal Mind, and that each one is a reflection of this eternal, impersonal ‘TAT,’ the ‘That which always is,’ an abiding state of ‘SAT.’


Thus it is said the best path to a true, stable and easy meditation is selflessness, achieved through a “letting go of the shackles of the personal self.”


The programme will include four short talks of 20 minutes, a workshop and two Q&A sessions with the speakers:


1. Raja Yoga’s Preliminary Training


2. Who is meditating? And Why?


Workshops     (30 minutes)

Panel & QA     (30 m)

Break               (20 m)


3. Theosophical & Buddhist Meditation: Samatha, Metta, Vipassana

4. Mindfulness: a Modern Term for an Ancient Practice


Panel & QA      (25 m)



The ULT aims to create a space where serious enquirers will find reliable answers based on the original works of H.P.Blavatsky, William Q Judge and those who followed in their lines.


It is not necessary to book but please contact us if there are any questions.  Directions are on the website at www.theosophy-ult.org.uk/contact/

For more information call 020 7723 0688 or email info@theosophy-ult.org.uk


 and Seminar Welcome & Programme

Mindfulness, Meditation and Raja Yoga (Seminar)
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