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Spiritual Development and the New Age, Seminar with Q&A

26th September 2015 @ 2:45 pm - 6:15 pm









Welcome to the London ULT seminar series.

The Seminar Handout is online HERE.

On Saturday 26th September there will be six short talks on Theosophy and the New Age, arranged into three sessions:

Part A       Truth & Delusion in the 2nd Hall

  • A comparison of the New Age & Theosophy side by side
  • The Psychic is not the Spiritual!

Part B       The Ancient Principles of Inner Evolution ~ Effective, Ethical & Safe

  • Perennial Wisdom & Self Development
  • Meditation & the true Raja Yoga Training

Part C        The Practice of the Path

  • A Chela’s Preparation & Perennial Theosophy
  • The Seership of the Adept & the Clairvoyance of Students


Safe and ethical laws exist for the right use of the spiritual powers or Siddhis, and make the Path a safe and beneficial one, a living power in the aspirant’s life. Such is the claim of the esoteric philosophy, Theosophy.

These are the age-old ethical injunctions and disciplines, tried and tested during many 1,000s of years of experience in the Eastern and Western mystery schools.

They have always been part of genuine religious and mystic fraternities and embody the practical and compassionate Teacher-Disciple relationship, an archetypal one that is reflected in all walks of life, whether or not consciously recognised.

These simple but firm rules exist to guide sincere seekers to the real inner life of self-restraint, of insight and wisdom, and of service to family, friends and community. They show how to keep away from the delusions of now popular but dangerous aspects of New Age psychism; they have been tried and tested for many generations for that purpose.

The great relevance to this new cycle, the Aquarian Age that started in 1900, is because there is a growing interest in – and questioning:

  • of spiritual and esoteric values,
  • of what is genuinely philosophical,
  • of finding a truer metaphysics (the basis of a real ethic to transcend a now discredited relativism),
  • of the healthy investigation of psychic laws,
  • and consequently of man’s capacity for spiritual self-development along non-sectarian but informed and responsible lines.

The thesis that will be made is that during this emerging New Cycle or Age the crusty orthodoxy of unreasoning religiosity, along with their churches and salaried minsters, will drop out of the scene and disappear, unneeded because unable to provide the ancient key to true progress of the inner life. They will be replaced by a non-denominational philosophy – one open and freely available to the ordinary person, compassionate and spiritual.

These original roots are still found in the partial exceptions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and some others that have fought to retain their original basis and disciplines. This original basis and source was the ancient Perennial Wisdom or Theosophia, which revival in 1875 came about 2150 years after the last revival at the start of the previous cycle, the now ended Piscean Age.

Given the history one can see more easily that many New Age ideas, no matter how they are dressed up in the borrowed clothes of the 1875 teachings and words, frequently ignore or are ignorant of the knowledge and practice of the ancient Laws of spiritual development. To that extent they seriously misguide sincere if undiscerning seekers and set deplorable standards by the commoditisation of psychic practices that are connected with dubious forms of self-gratification, money making and the exercise of undue power over others less grasping or mindful.

The simple medicine for the New Age?

It may be strong and unpalatable to the too sensual, but it has always existed in the Esoteric Philosophy of Theosophy. Even if moderately well understood, Theosophical knowledge can sift fact from fancy and guide all men and women how to make wise, practical and ethical choices by which a better life can be lived.

It has been the successful answer in past times and is the simple and holistic solution for present times

How else but through such reliable and compassionate disciplines will the “New Age” measure up to the true possibilities of the coming Aquarian Age?

The Seminar Handout is online HERE.


Spiritual Development and the New Age, Seminar with Q&A


26th September 2015
2:45 pm - 6:15 pm



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