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Wednesday special summer presentations & regular Secret Doctrine Class
Programme and handouts
Wed 14th July The Wisdom of The Tao Te Ching (7-8.30 pm) 
The simplicity of this ancient philosophy is ideally suited for our times. Lao Tzu’s doctrine “Hu Wei” (non-action in order to regain harmony with the Way) could be the antidote for our current malaise. Handout here.
Wed 28th July  Homeopathy and Energy Medicine: Hope for the Future (7-8.30 pm)
Over 300 million people worldwide regularly use homeopathy, it’s the second most popular form of medicine and is used with great success for serious as well as minor illnesses. What can Theosophy suggest about the basis of such forms of “Energy Medicine” and the promise they hold for humanity’s future? Handout here.
Wed 4th Aug  The Secret Doctrine class: “Dialogues” on Electricity & Atoms (7-8.15 pm)
We will look at “The Secret Doctrine Dialogues” published in 2014 and read extracts on electricity, atoms and magnetism. Handout here.
Wed 18th Aug  The Secret Doctrine class (7-8.15 pm)
We will continue on the study of “The Secret Doctrine Dialogues”, possibly more on electricity, atoms and magnetism. Handout from the Secret Doctrine Dialogues & on Hypnotism here.
Wed 8th September  “The Building of the Home” (7-8.30 pm) from articles by B. P. Wadia
The family is a great school which teaches us unselfishness & temperance. A stable and loving home is essential for proper soul growth and spiritual service, so it should ideally reflect the “Laws of Heaven.” Handout here.
Wed 22nd September  Plotinus and The Upanishads on The One Supreme Reality (7-8.30 pm)
The esoteric teachings of H. P. Blavatsky on the Absolute are closely mirrored in the Hindu scriptures and Neoplatonic texts. “The One, in its aloneness, can neither know nor be ignorant of anything.” (Plotinus) Handout here.
Wed 29th September   “The Skin of The Earth” (7-8.30 pm) article by William Q. Judge
On how the thoughts of man affect the Elementals and the harmony of Nature on which the Earth depends. Text here https://www.theosophy-ult.org.uk/articles/the-skin-of-the-earth or here in “Letters That Have Helped Me,” p. 235-9 (p.186-9 of PDF). Additional referenvces from SD & other quotes.



Sunday 12th  “In The Beginning” – The Basis of Union  letters by Robert Crosbie
Theosophy’s teaching and message transcend personal opinions, and when Theosophy is kept pure and simple it is a great unifier for serious Theosophical students and researchers. [Letters 5 and 6 from “In The Beginning,” p. 373-378 of “The Friendly Philosopher.” Text here, p. 298-302 of the PDF file.]

Seminar Saturday 18th September: “Reincarnation Beliefs in Early Ireland, Britain, and Europe” from 3 to 6.15 pm.

In the long past reincarnation was accepted by almost all cultures & continents. Through talks, study and Q&A panels we’ll rediscover the rich heritage of Irish Gaels, Celtic Druids & Cathars in France, who all believed in an immortal humanity that returns again and again for its evolution & perfection.

Handout here. Slides: for 1st talk in .PPTX or .PDF formats; 2nd talk none; 3rd talk in .PPTX or .PDF.

Sunday 19th “In The Beginning” – How To Convey The Message  letters by Robert Crosbie
Theosophy was restored to the world for the sake of those who are looking for light, not for those who are satisfied with things as they are and life as they find it. [Letter 7 from “In The Beginning,” p. 378-382 of “The Friendly Philosopher.” Handout here. [or full Friendly Philosopher PDF here, PDF p. 302-305.]

Sunday 26th  “In The Beginning” – Theosophy’s Place in Society   letters by Robert Crosbie
Theosophy is engaged in a battle for deserved recognition since it serves to explain the hidden side, the real and inner meaning of all things; thus it is a friend to understanding and an aid to knowledge. [Letter 8 from “In The Beginning,” p. 382-386 of “The Friendly Philosopher.” Text here (p. 305-307 of the PDF file) initial reading here.]


JULY 2021  

Sunday 4th  “In The Beginning” – Better Able to Help and Teach  letters by Robert Crosbie
Our work is to keep Theosophy pure, as it was delivered to us, for the sake of those who can be helped. We will explore why this is important & what are the foundations of the United Lodge of Theosophists. [Letters 1 and 2 from “In The Beginning,” p. 363-366 of “The Friendly Philosopher.” Text here, p. 290-292 of the PDF file.]

Sunday 11th  Venus: The History of a Planet  article by H. P. Blavatsky
The ancients regarded Venus, or Lucifer, as a sacred planet. Pythagoras called it a second sun, it was assigned divine qualities by ancient civilisations before becoming literally demonised by the Church. [Article is here, “H. P. Blavatsky Theosophical Articles” Vol. 3, starting p. 376, which is p. 1440 of the PDF file.]

Sunday 18th  “In The Beginning” – The Teachers and The Teaching   letters by Robert Crosbie
The fewer the words an idea can be expressed in, the better. Our effort is to disseminate among Theosophists the idea of unity regardless of organisation. [Letters 3 and 4 from “In The Beginning” in “The Friendly Philosopher.” Text and opening reading here.]

Sunday 25th  An Overview of the Elemental Kingdoms  from the writings of William Q. Judge
Mysterious and largely misunderstood, the elemental kingdoms influence and are likewise greatly influenced by human thought and actions. What is the truth of – and our responsibility to – the elementals? [Text here.]


PDF of April to June 2021 programme


JUNE 2021

Saturday 5th The Universal Language of Mystical Symbolism   seminar
Symbolism is a common language, shared by all true esoteric schools and fraternities worldwide. It is a vital key for the accurate understanding of many ancient scriptures and myths and it is said that the whole Secret Doctrine of the Adepts can be summed up in just a few pages of geometrical signs and symbols. Handout here.

Sunday 6th  Spiritual Vision in Philosophy and Metaphysics   talk
In the trans-Himalayan system psychic and spiritual development are undertaken in a specific way and sequence, which will be illustrated by visions from high Adepts and ordinary mediums. Handout here.

Sunday 13th  Jacob Boehme and The Secret Doctrine by William Q. Judge   study group
The spiritual wisdom, life, and writings of this 16th/17th century German man furnish another proof that the great Wisdom-Religion, the Secret Doctrine, has never been left without a witness. Slides with article and extra quotes from Boehme’s writings here in PDF and PPTX. (The article is also here in WQJ’s Articles 1:270-77; p. 229-234 in PDF)

Sunday 20th  Robert Crosbie’s Trials and Triumphs (ULT Day Anniversary Meeting)   special meeting with two talks
Crosbie was in the Theosophical Society from 1887-1904 where he learned some definite philosophical ideas and tools from William Q. Judge & H. P. Blavatsky. Later in his “wilderness years” they gave him the strength to resurrect the original teachings and methods, and to form the new United Lodge of Theosophists. Handout here.

Sunday 27th  Tsongkhapa on The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Part 3 of 3)   study group
The first step of the Path is to “live to benefit mankind” (from “The Voice of the Silence”); this is bodhichitta which Tsongkhapa calls a medicinal tree seeded from wishing love and compassion. The practice of Tranquility (Samatha) and Insight (Vipassana) are further perfections. Concluding the 3 part series. Handout for “The Lam Rim of Tsongkhapa” part 3 (PDF)


MAY 2021  

Sunday 2nd May    H. P. Blavatsky and The Writing of “Isis Unveiled” (White Lotus Day, 130th Anniversary)
special meeting with two talks
The Theosophical Society began in New York and two years later HPB published her first book “Isis Unveiled: A Master Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology.” She was helped in this by numerous Adepts and Masters and it remains an important and dynamic work. [handout here]

Sunday 9th May    Psychology: The Science of The Soul
study group; article by H. P. Blavatsky
Could psychology really be just a superficial brain activity? What is the true cause of our consciousness and thought? This article compares scientific and esoteric views on the subject. [article and opening reading here]

Sunday 16th May   Karmic Cycles and Universal Ethics
What connections do the mysterious divisions of time, called yugas and kalpas by the Hindus and Buddhists, and Kuklos, “ring” or “circle” by the Greeks, have with daily human life?  [Slides & notes in PPTX or slides only in PDF.]

Sunday 23rd May   The Synthesis of Occult Science
study group; article by William Q. Judge
The relation of mind to brain, of thought to consciousness, of life to matter, and of man to Nature, are all contained in the philosophy of Occultism. [article here; the selection is from p. 23-31, 32-33, and 35/36]

Sunday 30th May    Tsongkhapa on The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Part 2)
study group; three part series April, May & June
The Lam Rim’s path to enlightenment can be summarised in three trainings: higher moral discipline (Shila); higher concentration (Dhyana); and higher wisdom (Prajna). Practical instructions on these trainings are given.  Handout and initial reading.


APRIL 2021  

Sunday April 4th    The Law of Unity: The One and The All  
Throughout the Cosmos there is clearly diversity in total unity but, from another perspective, there is nothing in the Cosmos but “I” and everything else is only a reflection of that. Plato’s concept of the “To On,” the underlying essence of all being, reflects this idea. [talk slides in .PPTX or .PDF formats]

Sunday April 11th    The Visions of Thomas Paine 
study group; compilation from W.Q.J., H.P.B. & others;
On the political activist & philosopher, considered the father of the American Revolution. His philosophy could be summed up in his motto “My country is the world & my religion is to do good.” His life offers a sublime example of the influence of the Theosophical Mahatmas on world affairs. The handout is here.

Sunday April 18th     The Guruparampara Chain
This is the historical and pre-historical unbroken lineage of Gurus or Teachers of the Gupta Vidya, the secret knowledge and wisdom. Anyone in our life can be our teacher but the Teachers of the Great Wisdom stand as a proof of the existence of the great Brotherhood. The handout is here.

Sunday April 25th    Tsongkhapa on The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Part 1)
study group; three part series in the last Sundays in April, May & June 2021
Tsongkhapa (1357-1419) had a key role in Theosophy, not only reforming Buddhism and the Masters’ Brotherhood. His writings include “Lam Rim Chen Mo,” The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment:  “one of the brightest jewels in the world’s treasury of sacred literature.” It condenses many Buddhist practices into a well-directed and attainable path to enlightenment. Handout is here and notes from the introductory talk are here.

PDF of January to March 2021 programme

MARCH 2021  

Saturday 6th March   Yoga for Mind and Body
(Seminar 3 – 6:15 pm)
An exploration of the forms of Yoga for mind and body starting with Raja Yoga, the system of the Masters; we’ll also examine Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breath suppression) and Kundalini, and finish by going through Raja Yoga practices which develop equanimity, concentration, and meditation.
[Handout here; plus slides for Talk 2a on “The Eight Limbs of Raja-Yoga” .PPTX or .PDF & for Talk 2b on “Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & Kundalini” .PPTX or .PDF]

Sunday 7th March    Humanity’s True Identity and Destiny
Death comes to the personal self but never to the changeless “I” which has been the witness to all our changes in conditions, ideas, and feelings. That is what gives us the sense of identity and continuity, from birth to death and beyond.  [Talk slides in .PPTX or .PDF]

Sunday 14th March The Symbolism of The Sun and Moon
(collation from HPB and WQJ, study group)

The symbols of the sun and moon relate to both humanity and the Universe. Theosophy gives us keys to understand their deeper meaning. [Handout here]

Sunday 21st March    William Q. Judge & The Real Esoteric Raja Yoga (a special 125th anniversary meeting)
W. Q. Judge Day is a special annual meeting which this year celebrates the 125th anniversary of his short but profoundly remarkable life which ended in New York City on this day 21st March 1896.

There will be two talks, one on his life during the 1880s, when he was in India and on returning, he revitalised the Theosophical Society in the USA; the second talk will be on the connected subject of the practice of true Raja Yoga, and its comparison with other Raja Yogas, so that we may have an indication of the system likely to be used by the fraternal Brotherhood of trans-Himalayan Mahatmas, the Adepts who initiated and guided the modern Theosophical Movement from 1875 to the close of the century.

The subject of Yoga runs all through WQJ’s writings. Is Theosophical Raja Yoga the same as that of different Hindu systems? How does Yoga relate to white, black, and grey magic? We’ll explore the help available from H. P. Blavatsky’s most trusted colleague. [Handout here; Talk 1 slides on WQJ in India & US .PPTX and .PDF; Talk 2 slides on Real Raj Yoga .ODP and .PDF]

Sunday 28th March   Karma, Skandhas, and The Lipikas 
(collation from H. P. Blavatsky, study group)
Theosophy mentions Lipikas as scribes, recorders & agents of Karma, but what are they & how do they work? What is their relation to the Four Maharajahs, also connected with Karma?  [Handout here]



Sunday 7th February        Love with an Object    
One of the greatest questions: “Is the love of forms, persons, or objects, true love?” It is said love can exist without form, but no form can exist without love; it is a universal power whose smallest particle can never die. (Slides in .ODP or .PDF formats)

Sunday 14th February     The Art of The Concentrated Life
study group, collation from RC, WQJ, HPB
Can a wandering mind and heart ever hope to acquire self-knowledge? Can the art of concentration bring us control over waking life and clarity about our dreams? (text here and opening reading here)

Sunday Sunday 21st February      The Cause and Cure of Suffering
Suffering is the karmic result of past thoughts; by sowing thoughts in harmony with the Law, and practicing detachment, we prepare a happier future. (Slides in .PPTX or .PDF formats)

Sunday 28th February      Health, The Greatest Wealth
study group, collation from HPB, WQJ, RC
This refers to psychic, mental, & moral, as well as to physical health. We can either work to preserve it through practices of balance, moderation & purity, or destroy it by the opposite. “Nature unaided fails,” how does this saying apply to our health? (Study text here.)


JANUARY 2021  

Sunday 3rd January    The Sacred New Year
The 4th January is said to be a sacred day & the esoteric New Year. It relates to the Kumaras or Manasaputras: divine beings who incarnated in Lemurian times and became the souls of humanity.

Sunday 10th January     The Power of Suggestion
article by Robert Crosbie, study group
The power of suggestion affects everyone; from birth we are always surrounded by ideas suggested to us as true. We tend to follow these suggestions until we start to question and& search for reality. (text here, starting p. 320, which is p. 259 of the PDF file)

Sunday 17th January     Man, The Bridge Between Two Worlds
Man is a god in animal form. Since he exists on several planes simultaneously, he is truly a bridge between the material and the spiritual, a mediator between the higher and lower worlds.

Sunday 24th January     “Karma” #3: The Noble Path of Service to Humanity
from writings by Tsong-kha-pa, Robert Crosbie and others; study group
Our Karma is fulfilled by starting with our daily duties, these will lead us to the highest goal, the Nirmanakaya’s service to humanity and all creatures. (Text here, with readings from the “Lam Rim Chen Mo” by Tsong-kha-pa)

Sunday 31st January     A Land of Mystery
article by H. P. Blavatsky, study group
The Andean mountain range and its wisdom tradition have a long term significance for humanity. Theosophy suggests they may be intricately linked to the Himalayas. (text here and opening reading here)


PDF of September to December 2020 programme


December 2020

Saturday 5th   Consciousness, Mathematics, and Universal Brotherhood
seminar at 3 pm
The Secret Doctrine teaches that first there is Absoluteness, the Eternal Zero, and then the First Logos radiates forth; in mathematics the Zero is followed by the One; from One, the Seven. For Plato “the Deity Geometrises” and Quantum Potential suggests a Universal Intelligence in Nature. (handout here, slides for 2nd talk on maths, and 3rd talk on brotherhood.)

Sunday 6th    The Apostle Paul: Initiate and Occultist   
H. P. Blavatsky explains Paul to have been an initiate and even an adept. “Apostle” means “messenger,” “one who is sent,” and in “Isis Unveiled” we learn that “There was but one apostle of Jesus worthy of that name, and that was Paul.” (some of the featured HPB quotes are here)

Sunday 13th   Mechanical Theosophy and “Papyrus – The Gem”  
article and short story by William Q. Judge
Truth and freedom require us to give up living mechanically and to seek a philosophy that reintegrates us with our inner life and being, and enables us to reach deeper conclusions. (text here, starting p. 392 & p. 403 of Vol. 2, which are p. 844 & 852 of the PDF document; devotional reading here)

Sunday 20th  Searching for our Life’s Dharma at the Dawn of the New Year  
Theosophy teaches that we meet our Karma (our self-created destiny) in our daily duties or Dharma. How can we discover our Dharma for this lifetime? Slides in PPTX format or in PDF format.

Sunday 27th   Devachan, Part 3: The Various States of Devachan   
article by an Initiate or Adept
Is “Heaven” a shared collective experience or do we each have our own individual Devachan, experienced by our Ego alone but seeming to be populated by our loved ones? How does Devachan differ from Nirvana? Concludes the series. (text here, p. 29-34, which is p. 35-40 of the PDF document, plus the “When We Die” compilation)

November 2020

Sunday 1st   Theosophy and Nature    
The lower four principles of our being may be formed from the corresponding planes of Nature, but what is our occult and ethical connection to a greater and higher Nature that is mostly unknown? (handout here)

Sunday 8th   The Origins of Optimism and Confidence in Life 
compilation from the writings of William Q. Judge
Theosophy teaches that humanity possesses infinite perfectibility and that the Mahatmas, Sages, Adepts of history are living proof of this. Relying on the Law, the wise live in harmony with it. (handout here)

Sunday 15th   Theosophical Influences on the 21st Century   
145th Anniversary Meeting with two talks
On 17th November 1875 a Movement was launched by a fraternity of Eastern Adepts whose aim was to help mankind spiritually, ethically and scientifically. Those interested in humanity are invited to attend and learn how the philosophy can and does help ideals, directly and in the astral light.
Programme handout PDF (with references to the Solar Dynasty in PDF).
Second talk slides (a) on The Influence of Theosophical Thought on Religion Science in PDF and (b) on Theosophical Influences on Modern Art, Music and Literature in PDF or .PPTX

Sunday 22nd   Karma: The Law of Life and Evolution (Pt 2)  
compilation from the writings of H. P. Blavatsky, W. Q. Judge, and Robert Crosbie
All ancient philosophies embodied the esoteric doctrine of Karma. We should study what it is, how it operates and why its correct understanding gives the most beneficial means of reform.
Part 2 handout here, follows on from Part 1, Karma “the Sweet Law” here.

Sunday 29th   Devachan, Part 2: Dream Life 
article by an Initiate or Adept
As our daytime thoughts affect our dreams at night, Theosophy teaches that our thoughts and beliefs during life will programme our “heaven-state” after death, however temporary it is. The second of this three part series from “Theosophical Articles and Notes.” Continues on 27th December.  (text here, p. 23-29, which is p. 29-35 of the PDF document, plus When We Die compilation)

October 2020

Sunday 4th   The Seeds of a Hopeful Future   
presentation & discussion
The circumstances we face are the result of our past actions, individually and collectively. Cultivating right living sows the seed for a brighter future, not just for oneself but for all life. (handout)

Sunday 11th   The Swastika: A Divine and Ancient Symbol
compilation from the writings of H. P. Blavatsky
The swastika was widely used throughout Asia and known in the very ancient Norse nations as Thor’s Hammer. It is also the symbol of Esoteric Buddhism and is sacred in Occultism. (handout)

Sunday 18th   Is Memory Held Outside the Brain?  
Eastern psychology teaches that brain cells receive and convey impressions but do not retain memory itself. New reincarnation data shows that “soul memory” survives death, agreeing with the Easterns that it is held in the Skandhic records of the astral light, which the brain registers as “memory.” (PDF slides or .ODP slides)

Sunday 25th   Devachan Part 1: The Real and The Unreal  
article by an Initiate or Adept
Many ideas and opinions exist about “Heaven” and the afterlife. Theosophy offers a highly detailed metaphysical explanation of what happens after death, which we’ll begin to explore in the first of this three part series from “Theosophical Articles and Notes.” Continues on 29th November and 27th December. (text here, p. 17-23, which is p. 23-29 of the PDF document, plus When We Die compilation)

PDF of July to September 2020 programme

September 2020

Wed 2nd Three Great Transcendentalists: Rumi, St. Germain, Einstein
Study group
A 13th century Sufi mystic, an 18th century adept and polymath, and a 20th century physicist – all three had a remarkable effect on the society of their day and continue to do so today. (text here)

Wed 16th The Ideal Society: A Theosophical Perspective
Study group
The downfall of every civilisation is caused by the weak morals of those who live in it. Can the universal Theosophical ethics prevent further downfalls? How can these ethics gain acceptance? (text here)

Sunday 13th   The Cure of Diseases and How To Avoid Replanting Them  
two articles, “The Cure of Diseases” and “Replanting Diseases for Future Use”, by William Q. Judge
All diseases, karmic or otherwise, begin on the mental and psychic planes, and are then manifested through the astral body to the physical, where they must be allowed to be expelled naturally. (text here, starting p. 11 of pamphlet, which is p. 7 of the PDF file, plus additional references)

Sunday 20th   Spiritual Practices in Theosophy 
compilation from “The Friendly Philosopher” and other sources by Robert Crosbie
When we desire something, that itself is not what we want but the feeling it gives us; if it gave us no “feeling” we would not desire it. Thus by raising our desires we can reach higher “feelings.” (text and initial reading here)

Saturday 26th  The New Science of Consciousness
Seminar 3:00 – 6:15 pm
Robert Crosbie wrote “There is just “Consciousness” and its “states,” which are conditioned consciousness. We speculate on conditions; we cannot on Consciousness itself, for we are that.” A Saturday afternoon seminar with short talks, group study sessions, and Q&A panels. The handout is linked here.

Sunday 27th   Are The “Arabian Nights” All Fiction?
article by William Q. Judge
The Arabian Night Tales, however fantastic, may hold some echoes from a distant past. As William Judge puts it, with so much smoke there must have been some fire. (text here)

August 2020

Wed 5th “Karma, Part 1: Opening the Gate of the Sweet Law
a collation from Robert Crosbie and others. (text here)
To the worldly man Karma is a stern Nemesis, to the spiritual man Karma unfolds itself in harmony with his highest aspirations and thus he will look with tranquility on the past and future alike.

Wed 19th “Understanding Health: The Ayurvedic Mind–Body Method”
Study group
Exploring the Hindu system of healing. As seen in the Bhagavad Gita, everything in the Universe is a combination of the three gunas or qualities, the balance of which leads to health or disease. (text here)

Sunday 9th   Ancient India and Ireland: Storehouses of Wisdom  
two articles by William Q. Judge
Ireland and India may have more in common than meets the eye. Secrets of elemental kingdoms are still stored in the living memory of their inhabitants. Articles are here and additional references are here.

Sunday 23rd   Contemplation   
article by Damodar K. Mavalankar
Damodar writes: “Their preconceptions have prevented them from comprehending what is meant by meditation. They forget that it is the inexpressible yearning of the inner man to go out towards the infinite.” Text is here.

July 2020

Sunday 5th   Our Cycle and The New Cycle  
two articles by H. P. Blavatsky
The Law of Cycles governs everything. What does the new cycle that we are now entering have in store for humanity? Will it be merely a continuation of the present or can we influence it for better or worse? Excerpts from “Our Cycle and The Next” and “The New Cycle” starting on p. 367 (383 of the PDF file) and p. 397 (413 of the PDF) here.

Sunday 12th   Conversations on Occultism  
article by William Q. Judge
Detailed explanations were given by H. P. Blavatsky to William Judge on Devachan, Precipitations by Masters, White Magic and Elementals. Texts are here (the first and second articles “Conversations with H.P.B.” and “Occult Vibrations”) and the reading and references here.

Sunday 19th   Through The Gates of Gold  
article by William Q. Judge
Hidden in the heart of the world and in the heart of man is the light which can illumine all life, the future and the past. (text here)

Sunday 26th   Chelas and Lay Chelas  
article by H. P. Blavatsky
To offer oneself for chelaship (or discipleship) is easy enough; to develop into an Adept is the most difficult task anyone could possibly undertake. (text starts on p. 1 of “Raja-Yoga, or Occultism” which is p. 10 of the PDF)

PDF of April to June 2020 programme

June 2020

Sunday 7th     The Sun: The Great Initiator
The Sun has an occult and mystical nature, as well as physical. This was at the heart of the ancient Solar Mysteries. The Sun is self-illuminating and we are all potential Suns. (no handout)

Sunday 14th    The Self is The Friend of Self & Also Its Enemy
article by W. Q. Judge
This saying from the Hindu scriptures takes on a whole new meaning in the
Theosophical light, which teaches us to raise the self by the Self.  (text in WQJ’s Two Volumes of Articles 1:307)

Sunday 21st     Universal Wisdom, The Path of the Future
ULT Day meeting, 2 talks
The United Lodge of Theosophists was founded to keep Theosophy alive in the modern world, the universal and natural ideas of the “Wisdom-Religion” are necessary for a brighter future. (handout & timeline bio of Robert Crosbie)

Saturday 27th     21st Century Science & The Ancient Wisdom
Seminar 3 – 6:15 pm
H.P.B. declared in “The Secret Doctrine” that around the close of the 19th century “materialistic science will receive a death blow.” In some areas today’s science is approaching ever-closer to the perennial truths of Theosophy. In what way is science starting to confirm esoteric wisdom?
(programme & texts here, plus talk slides in PDF or ODP formats)

Sunday 28th      Theosophy on The Astral Body
Compilation from H.P.Blavatsky & William Q. Judge
With each step down the stairs of ‘Being’ there has been a greater feeling of separateness, yet the source of all is one & same, and the potential powers that exist in everyone are the same. (handout)

May 2020

3rd May  H.P.B., The Mahatmas, and The Secret Doctrine
White Lotus Day commemoration, 2 talks, handout with readings here
The Adept-Teachers of H. P. Blavatsky described her famous book “The Secret Doctrine” as a “triple production,” the work of two Masters & herself. Great lengths were taken in its production for the benefit and instruction of students in pure, philanthropic occultism.

10th Zen and Esoteric Buddhism
study group, compilation from H. P. Blavatsky and other sources
Exploring Zen Buddhism and its teachings and practices in the light of Theosophy, along with the symbolism of the classic tale “Monkey” or “Journey to the West.” Handout here.

17th Karma and Forgiveness
Does the Law of Karma mean that nothing in life is unfair or unjust? Have we ever really been “wronged”? How can we forgive those who seem to have done us harm? Opening reading here.

24th The Law of Correspondences
Article by Robert Crosbie, starting p. 283 here (p. 229 of PDF)
All proceeding from One Source, the same Law rules all beings. Thus, each is connected to all and the key of correspondence can help us to know.

31st Premonitions
From “The Universe in a Nutshell” & other sources by H. P. Blavatsky & William Q Judge.
How can man’s astral senses give clear perceptions of hidden, karmic causes? Whence the inspiration for Coleridge’s famous dream-vision “Kublai Khan” or Tartini’s “Devil’s Sonata”? Readings & handout here

April 2020

5th Theosophy’s Answers to Difficult Questions
Theosophy provides a logical and consistent philosophy which explains much that is still a mystery in science and religion; it provides a complete description of Nature and Consciousness.

12th Lodges of Magic
article by H. P. Blavatsky, article here on p. 43, which is p. 52 of the PDF
On the question of a Lodge receiving instruction in Magic and Practical Occultism. H.P.B. said Truth must “be perceived by the intuition and by the exercise of the Spiritual faculty.”

19th Our Mind is Our Most Precious Possession
Perennial Wisdom has always taught that our Mind, our Forum Internum, is our greatest asset and that its “Freedom of Thought” is the first right of man which needs the highest ethics for its protection.

26th Esoteric Insights into Zoroastrianism
compilation from H. P. Blavatsky & B. P. Wadia here, plus additional references here; devotional reading is Tao Te King, p. 94-96
Zoroastrianism, or Mazdeanism, is one of the most philosophically profound religions with its allegorical depiction of the twin powers of light and dark, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman.

PDF of January to March 2020 programme

March 2020

1st The Mystical Side of Judaism
Kabbalah is essentially the Jewish Theosophy and it still plays a central part in some forms of Judaism. We will take a look at such teachings as the Divine Omnipresence, Masters, Reincarnation, Karma, mystical reunion with the Divine, and the Sephirothal Tree of Life. Handout.

8th The One Reality and Planetary Influences
two articles by Robert Crosbie
Each one of us is a copy of the great universe and connected with every class of being. Latent within us we have every form of consciousness and state of substance. handout here

15th William Q. Judge, Philosopher – Soldier
annual “Judge Day” special meeting
“Our real life is not in words of love or hate but in the fiery depths of the heart,” wrote W.Q.J. As a co-founder of the Movement, his example to us is of both a fierce warrior & a gentle philosopher. handout here

Saturday 21st Masters of Wisdom and How They See the World
seminar, 3 to 6.15pm
H. P. Blavatsky described her Teachers as “living, human Mahatmas” from a Brotherhood whose aim is to aid humanity’s evolution. How can Their view of life be a guide to today’s world? Handout here.

22nd The Subjective and The Objective
article by W. Q. Judge, online only.
As the subjective is that which is within, and the objective is that which is without; this relationship first emerges upon the evolution of the astral principle, or the Linga Sharira.  Article here on p. 300, which is p. 254 of the PDF

29th Leo Tolstoi and His Unecclesiastical Christianity
article by H. P. Blavatsky, online only.
The great Russian poet, author, and philanthropist deeply questioned the meaning of life and found profound answers in the essential teachings of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Handout here with bio of Tolstoy.

February 2020

2nd Psychology of The Ancients (talk, handout here)
“Psychology” means “Science of the Soul” and gives a proper foundation for physiology, which modern science is now re-discovering through its radical mind-matter experiments.

9th Theosophical Meditation Part 3  from H.P.B., W.Q. Judge, Robert Crosbie (a special study, handout here)
In this conclusion to the series, we’ll explore the practice of Raja Yoga, how to develop concentration, and evaluate sensations & psychic experiences that may arise while meditating. Information page for all three parts here.

16th Great Stoics: Zeno, Epictetus & Marcus Aurelius (talk)
Epictetus asked “Why are we ignorant of our noble descent and our origin?” The Stoics aimed to show we are carrying within us a divine spark; they speak to all those who wish to realise it. (handout in PDF or ODP slides)

23rd Electromagnetism in Man and Nature  H.P.B. compilation (study group)
Every being, according to its species, evolves from its monadic centre an essential aura, which has a positive and negative magnetic relationship with the aura of every other being. (handout here)

January 2020

5th Rebuilding The Temple  (talk, no handout)
St. Paul writes to the Corinthians, “You are the temple of God and the spirit of God dwells in you.” This can be the basis for a new year of brighter opportunities.

12th Theosophical Meditation Part 1  compilation from H. P. Blavatsky & others (special study, handout here)
Theosophy teaches meditation practice and helps the development of one’s own “self-induced & self-devised efforts” that are an essential part of all self-directed meditation. This 90 minute introduction session introduces the primary aim, union with the Higher Self, the unchanging Perceiver of all change.

19th Reincarnation, A Universal Truth & Fact of Nature  (talk, no handout)
Given its logic, philosophical soundness, justice, and natural harmony, it isn’t surprising to find the presence of Reincarnation in most traditions across the globe, sometimes in esoteric guises.

26th Theosophical Meditation Part 2  compilation H.P.B., W.Q.Judge etc (special study, handout here)
In this second meeting on meditation, we’ll explore some well-known Buddhist meditation techniques and learn what Theosophy says about meditating on the Sun, on Masters of Wisdom, and the use of mantras such as the sacred word “Om” or “Aum.”



December 2019

Sun 1st The Wisdom of Pythagoras     (talk, handout here)
Pythagoras, best known for his knowledge of geometry, was also a great initiated Sage who taught unity in diversity, self-discipline, self-observation, and the highest morals.

Saturday 7th  Planetary Karma and The Environment (Seminar  3 – 615 pm) – see diary page
Our individual destiny (self-created Karma) is not separate from the planet’s, so Theosophy shows humanity how to be a responsible guardian of our globe.    Seminar w/talks & Q&A panels.

Sun 8th  The One and The Many (article by H. P. Blavatsky study group; text, PDF page no. 36, in the book it is Vol. 1, p. 20 here, starting “The key to the Pythagorean dogmas is the general formula of unity in multiplicity, the One evolving the many and pervading the many.” Plus A Brief Summary of the Platonic Teachings)
Platonic philosophy teaches the Law of Unity – unity in multiplicity and vice versa. There is an important lesson in this for us at this time. Continuation of “Old Philosophers and Modern Critics” from September.

Sun 15th  Theosophy and Ecology     (presentation, the handout is here)
There is an old prophecy that nations must protect their forests or they will face ruin. Nature’s generosity has provided humanity all its needs but first we must re-learn how to work with her.

Sun 22nd Christmas and the Solstice  H.P.B. / Theosophy magazine  (study group, click here for the handout and here for the devotional reading, p. 219-221 of “The Light of Asia”)
The symbolism of the Nativity pre-dates Christianity. For long periods before our era, nearly all the ancient peoples celebrated the birth of their Sun-Gods at this sacred time of year.

Sun 29th   The Doctrine of Cycles   Chapter XIV of “The Ocean of Theosophy” by W. Q. Judge   (study group, click here for the text, p. 117-126, PDF page numbers 129-138)
This is one of the most important esoteric doctrines. We’ll apply the branch of mathematics known as “fractal” to the Zodiacal clock and the Yugas, demonstrating the same patterns within smaller cycles of time.

November 2019

Sun 3rd   Life and Consciousness   (talk, no handout)
Life is the universal motor of all. All life, the Seven Principles included, comes from Spirit. “Consciousness is a quality of the soul,” says “Isis Unveiled” & the soul is individualised Spirit.

Sun 10th  The Tidal Wave & The Friendly Philosopher H.P.B./Robert Crosbie (study group)
In this new historical era the rising human spirit of freedom is competing with old formulas and traditions, but it is only long-lost Truths which can meet the new aspirations of the many. (first readings here the text is here)

Sun 17th Theosophy & Man’s Natural Duties    (144th Anniversary meeting; 2 talks)
The perennial doctrines given by the founders in 1875, said to be sufficient for centuries, have never been more relevant. Although times have changed since then, Theosophy has consistently taught the spiritual ideals of respecting all people and the environment and suggests these are today’s answers. (handout and slides 1st talk in ODP format, or in PDF)

Sun 24th Theosophy on The Pleiades, Milky Way & Sirius   H.P.B. compilation  (study group)
These are frequently spoken of in the New Age Movement but often with no sound metaphysical or philosophical substance behind it. Yet the Pleiades, Sirius, etc. are indeed highly important for us. (text is here and devotional reading here)

October 2019

Sunday 6th  The Occult Power of Music (talk)In “Isis Unveiled” H. P. Blavatsky shows music was used for therapeutic purposes throughout antiquity and promoted as a universal remedy by Mesmer, Kircher, Maxwell, and others. A talk followed by answers to questions.

Sunday 13th  Madame Blavatsky on The Himalayan Brothers (study meeting)
This article by HPB sheds light on the criteria that can be used to distinguish a true Adept from one pretending to be so. Study group reading and exploring the text and its ideas. (text here, p. 315 or PDF page 331)

Sunday 20th  The Spiritual Foundations of A New Society (talk)
Theosophy teaches that it is our ideals and aspirations that really guide our actions and if they are universal and unselfish they must eventually create a future bright and free of strife. A talk followed by answers to questions. Presentation in odp OpenDocument format here or here PDF.

Sunday 27th  Reincarnation of Animals (study meeting)
Do animals reincarnate in the same way as humans? When will they reach the human stage of evolution? Do they have individual souls? Theosophy provides compelling answers. Study group reading and exploring an article by William Q. Judge. (text here, devotional reading here)

September 2019

Wed 4th   Three Great Transcendentalists  (text)

Saturday 7th Seminar   The Evidence for Reincarnation & its Social Impact (handouts on this page)

Sun 15th   The Three Planes of Human Life (article by William Q. Judge, 
text, PDF page no. 249 in the book it is Vol 1 p 294; plus Mandukya Upanishad)

Wed 18th  Each Member a Centre and other articles (Handout here, other texts are in Judge’s 2 Volume Arts [Pamphlet #4]. Selections will be taken from pages ii p.224 to 232 and ii p.569)

Sun 22nd   Old Philosophers and Modern Critics (article by H. P. Blavatsky, text, PDF page no. 28, in the book it is Vol. 1, p. 12)

Sun 29th  Psychic Laws, Forces, and Phenomena  (from ‘The Ocean of Theosophy’ by William Q. Judge, text, PDF page no. 147, in the book it is p. 135; plus additional references)

August 2019

Weds 7th  Wisdom of the Druids (text)

Weds 21st  Psychic and Noetic Action (an article published by H. P. Blavatsky, text)

July 2019

Wed 3rd   The Law of The Return of Impressions text

Sun 7th   A Turkish Effendi on Christendom and Islam (an article published by H. P. Blavatsky, text)

Sun 14th   Jesus and The Brotherhood of the Essenes  (talk)

Wed 17th   Artificial Intelligence: A Theosophical Approach (talk, text)

Sun 21st   Dialogue on The Mysteries of The Afterlife (from “The Key to Theosophy” by HPB) text p 156-171

Sun 28th Knowledge – Absolute and Relative (article by B. P. Wadia) text p 14-19

June 2019

Sunday 2nd   The Journey from Conflict to Non-Violence (talk) (quotations and talk notes)

Sunday 9th   The Symbolism of the Dragon (compilation including from H. P. Blavatsky, study group, handout)

Sunday 16th   The Dual Aspect of Wisdom (article by H. P. Blavatsky, study group, text here, Vol 2, p 28)

Saturday 22nd   Great Theosophical Reformers of Our Time  (Seminar 3-6:15 pm, handout here)

Sunday 23rd  100TH ANNIVERSARY MEETING – Robert Crosbie & the Aim of Humanity’s Liberation (Annual ULT Day Meeting, here.)

Sunday 30th   Man Visible and Invisible (article by Robert Crosbie, study group, text here, p. 62-67)

May 2019

Sunday 5th   The Sacredness of the Good in Civil Society (talk handout of slides)

Wednesday 8th  Blavatsky’s Secret Books  (special meeting for White Lotus Day, programme handout; talk handout tba) 

Sunday 12th  White Magic or Black? article by Robert Crosbie (study group text here)

Sunday 19th  The Essence of the Ramayana (talk, no handout)

Sunday 26th  Musings on the True Theosophist’s Path article by W. Q. Judge (study group, text here on p. 410 vol ii)

April 2019

Sunday 7th Immortality and the Guruparampara Chain (talk, no handout)

Sunday 14th Astral Intoxication, with “A German Mystic’s Teachings” by William Q. Judge (study group texts Vol 1 pages 359-364)

Sunday 21st The Examined Life: Philosophy as Love of Wisdom (talk, no handout)

Sunday 28th Three Kinds of Faith by Robert Crosbie (study group text on page 354)

March 2019

Sunday 3rd The Foundations for True Education (talk)

Sunday 10th The Bhagavad Gita: The Opportunity of Being (3 of 3) (study group)

Sunday 17th William Q. Judge & “The Three Divisions of Karma (Annual WQJ DayMeeting)

Saturday 23rd St. Germain, Cagliostro, Mesmer & Swami Dayanand (Seminar)

Sunday 24th The Mystery Tradition (talk)

Sunday 31st AUM! article by William Q. Judge (study group text)

February 2019

Sunday 3rd February “The Meanings of the Myth of Lucifer-Prometheus” (talk, no handout)

Sunday 10th February “The Bhagavad Gita: The Song of the Lord”  (1 of 3, study group/presentation)
Details of the other two meetings on the Bhagavad Gita are on the Gita events page

Sunday 17th February “Eternal Duration and Moments in Time” (talk; slides PDF or .ODP)

Sunday 24th February “The Bhagavad Gita: Devotion to Wisdom” (2 of 3, study group/presentation)

January 2019

Sunday 6th January  “Symbols in the Sky: The Sun of ‘The Secret Doctrine’” (talk)

Sunday 13th January “The Logos: Understanding the Divine Voice” by H. P. Blavatsky (study group)

Sunday 20th January “Head and Heart, Knowledge and Love” (talk, no handout)

Sunday 27th January “The Foundation of True Religion” article by Robert Crosbie (study group, article on p 211)


December 2018

Sun 2nd December 2018  Human Intelligence: a Ray from the Cosmic Mind   (talk on human and artificial intelligence)

Sun 9th December The Fifth and Sixth Root Races  compilation from H. P. Blavatsky

Saturday 15th December Hypatia & Tsong Kha-pa, Giordano Bruno & Paracelsus  afternoon seminar (handout here)

Sun 16th December What Is Truth?  Allegories of the Thirsty Wayfarer

Sun 23rd December  The Meaning of The Winter Solstice    compilation from H. P. Blavatsky & Robert Crosbie

Sun 30th December Reincarnation: The Great Journey     from W. Q. Judge

Nov 2018

Sun 4th November “Universal Truths of the Transcendentalists” (talk, no handout)

Sun 11th November “Friends or Enemies in The Future?” (text PDF, see Vol 1:92) an article by William Q.Judge; plus also “The Buddha on War” with a commentary from Theosophy (text PDF)

Sun 18th November “A New Consciousness”: Theosophical Movement’s 143rd Anniversary

Sun 25th November The Great Sacrifice & Mystery-Land of Shamballa, extracts from H. P. Blavatsky

Oct 2018

Sun 7th    Human Evolution: an Alternative Theory   talk
In “The Secret Doctrine” H.P.Blavatsky presented detailed descriptions of human origins, development and destiny as given to her by Eastern Initiates. Is it as plausible as Darwin’s theory?  (no handout)

Sun 14th    Reincarnation in The Bible, Middle East & India  article by W. Q. Judge
Insights into the hidden theory of reincarnation, a law that is shown to have been encoded into all the major religions & philosophies, explaining which of our seven aspects reincarnates. (text in WQJ’s Two Volumes of Articles 1:84)

Sun 21st     The Power of Speech     talk
Let us use with care those ‘living messengers’ called words. Right speech, pure and gentle which harms no one, is one of the precepts for ethical conduct in Buddhism’s Noble Eightfold Path.  (no handout)

Sun 28th    The Occult Side of Nature   article by Robert Crosbie
To know ourselves and to work with Nature we must know the laws which operate on the other planes of consciousness, to which all are connected and from which none are separated. (text here p 88)

Sept 2018

Wed 5th September Systems of Ethics ~ a collation from original texts (reading and discussion, Sept times of 7 – 9 pm)

Sun 16th September The Sheaths of the Soul by William Q. Judge (reading and discussion, 7 – 8:30 pm)

Wed 19th September Spiritualism Old and New by William Q. Judge (reading and discussion, Sept times of 7 – 9 pm)

Saturday 22nd September SEMINAR on Buddha, Plato, Shankara, and Ammonius from 3-6.15 pm (short talks and two workshop study groups)

Sun 23rd September  Theosophy and Buddhism on the Balanced Mind ~ a collation from HPB, WQJ and Robert Crosbie  (reading and discussion, 7 – 8:30 pm)

Sun 30th September Spinoza and Western Philosophers by H. P. Blavatsky (reading and discussion, 7 – 8.30 pm)

Aug 2018

Wed 1st August  The Heart Doctrine August 2018 (presentation / review of video and discussion)

Wed 15th August  The Afterlife: Tibetan and Theosophical Views (presentation / review of video and discussion)

July 2018

Sun 1st July   The Friendly Philosopher: Letters by Robert Crosbie (reading and discussion) Letters 1-3, page 363 the “In The Beginning” section

Wed 4th July   Conversations on Spirituality (presentation / review of videoed interviews etc and discussion)

Sun 8th July     On Our Three Objects by H. P. Blavatsky (reading and discussion; page 1:83 in PDF)

Sun 15th July  The Science of Life by H. P. Blavatsky (reading and discussion; page 2:207 in PDF)

Wed 18th July  The Genius of Pythagoras (presentation / review of film and discussion)

Sun 22nd July  True Clairvoyance by Robert Crosbie (reading and discussion)

Sun 29th July   Heredity and Reincarnation (reading and discussion, compilation from H. P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge)

June 2018

Sun 24th June  Celebration of the Life & Work of Robert Crosbie, Founder of the ULT (2 talks and a Q&A panel)

Sun 17th June  Words of Wisdom (“Cautions in Paragraphs” and “Theosophical Don’ts,” two articles by William Q. Judge)

Sun 10th June  The Origin of the Mysteries (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

Sun 3rd June   Society & Values of Egyptians Druids & Druzes (slides) A talk with quotations from H. P. Blavatsky

May 2018

Sun 27th May  Was Cagliostro a Charlatan? (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

Sun 20th May  The Network of Destiny (talk; no handout?)

Sun 13th May  A League of Humanity (article by Robert Crosbie)

Sun 6th May   White Lotus Day 2018  Commemoration of H. P. Blavatsky’s Life and Work

April 2018

Sun 29th April  The Laws of Healing – Physical and Metaphysical  (compilation with H. P. Blavatsky)

Sun 22nd April  Theosophy or Jesuitism? (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

Sun15th April  The Seven Principles (talk; no handout?)

Sun 8th April   God, Prayer, and Will-Prayer (p. 61-71 of “The Key to Theosophy” by H. P. Blavatsky)

March 2018

Sun 25th March  The Common Origin of Man (p. 41-47 of ”The Key to Theosophy” by H. P. Blavatsky)

Sun 18th March  The Lives of William Q. Judge (annual commemoration meeting)

Sun 11th March  Elementals – How They Act and Mantrams (two articles by William Q. Judge)

Sun 4th March  Angels: Fact or Fiction?  (talk; no handout?)

Feb 2018

Sun 25th February The Beacon Light of the Unknown (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

Sun 11th February A Case of Obsession (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

January 2018

21st January slides for talk The Caves and Temples of India

14th January Religion and Reform from a Theosophical Viewpoint (article by William Q. Judge)


December 2017

31st December  The Creative Will (on page 57) (article by Robert Crosbie)

24th December  The Music of the Spheres

17th December  The Mahatmas and Their Doctrine handout

10th December  The Importance of Meditation (compilation from William Q. Judge and Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms)

3rd December  The Mystery of Atlantis (collation from the Secret Doctrine & Plato)

November 2017

26th November  The Cause of Sorrow (article by Robert Crosbie)

Friday 17th November special event Theosophical Movement 142nd Anniversary Meeting

12th November  Karmic Visions (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

5th November  The Magic of Sound (talk handout)

October 2017

29th October  The Psychology of Reincarnation (collation from H. P. Blavatsky with ref. to reincarnation research)

22nd October  The Mind in Nature (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

8th October  Symbols and Keys (article by William Q. Judge)

September 2017

23rd September Rules for Living Well (compilation for Seminar)

17th September The Science of Astrology (compilation from H. P. Blavatsky)

10th September – Divine Ethics and The Bonfire in the Brain (articles by B. P. Wadia from the book “Living The Life”)

August 2017

Weds 16th August – Reincarnation: Who were you, who are you, who will you be? with devotional reading from Chapter 6 (“The Wise Man”) of the Dhammapada

Weds 2nd August – True Knowledge: The Great Purifier

July 2017

Sun 30th July The Criterion of Truth (an article published in the Theosophical movement magazine, February 2017)

Sun 23rd July True Progress ~ Shall we teach Clairvoyance ~ Patanjali (two short articles by William Q Judge with a reading from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Book III)

Weds 19th July – Health and Therapy, a presentation and discussion from a collation of WQJ articles.

Sun 16th July – Ancient Magic in Modern Science (article by H. P. Blavatsky) Click here for devotional reading from “Light on the Path.”

Sun 9th July – A Master’s Letter (by Mahatma K.H., ULT Pamphlet #29) Click here for devotional reading from “The Dream of Ravan.”

Weds 5th July – Immunisation (from “The Laws of Healing,” a ULT pamphlet, now out of print) plus information on vaccines

Sun 2nd July – What is Truth? (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

June 2017

Sun 25th June – ULT Day (programme for the annual commemoration of the life and work of Robert Crosbie)

Sun 18th June – Tetragrammaton (article by H. P. Blavatsky) Click here for devotional reading from the Bhagavad Gita.

Sun 11th June – Tibetan Teachings (article by H. P. Blavatsky) Click here for devotional reading from “The Light of Asia.”

May 2017

Sun 28th May – Transmigration of Life Atoms (article by H. P. Blavatsky) and The Persian Student’s Doctrine (article by William Q. Judge)

Sun 14th May – Who, What, and Where is Deity? (compilation)

Sun 7th May – White Lotus Day (programme for the annual commemoration of the life and work of H. P. Blavatsky)

April 2017

Sun 30th April – What Shall We Do For Our Fellow-Men? (article by H. P. Blavatsky)

Sun 23rd April – Theosophical Symbols (article by William Q. Judge)

Sun 9th April –  Text for the “Vision of the Divine Form” is in ‘Notes on the Gita’ Ch XI by Robert Crosbie on p 170 (PDF page 64 of 86 onwards). The devotional reading will be selections from the Gita Chapters 10 & 11.

Sun 2nd April – Handout to accompany the talk “Intelligent Design in Nature”

March 2017

Sunday 26th March – The Storehouse of Thought (article by Robert Crosbie)

Sunday 19th March – William Q. Judge: The Practical Theosophist (Judge Day Meeting 2017)

Sunday 12th March – Our Sun and the True Sun (article by William Q. Judge and compilation from him and HPB)

Sunday 5th March – Handout to accompany the talk “Esoteric Hinduism”

February 2017

Sunday 26th February – Apollonius Tyaneus & Simon Magus (compilation from H.P. Blavatsky & The Aryan Path)

Sunday 12th February – Understanding Our Seven Principles (compilation from H.P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge)

Sunday 5th February – Handout to accompany the talk “The Tree of Life”

January 2017

Sunday 29th January – True Morality (article by Robert Crosbie)

Sunday 22nd January – The Adepts and Modern Science (article by William Q. Judge)

Sunday 8th January – Hypnotism and Mesmerism (article from the pamphlet “Hypnotism: A Psychic Malpractice”)

Sunday 1st January –  “The Sun God in Men and Mahatmas” handout for the talk




Sunday 25th December 2016 – The Esoteric Character of the Gospels (excerpts from H.P. Blavatsky)

Sunday 18th December – Handout for the talk “Is Utopia Possible?”

Sunday 11th December – Karma: The Keynote to All Conditions – p. 154-162 of Chapter 11 (“Karma”) in “Answers to Questions on The Ocean of Theosophy” by Robert Crosbie

Sunday 4th December – Handout to accompany the talk “Our Seven Divine Parents”

Sunday 27th November – Akasha and the Astral Light (from “Echoes from the Orient” by William Q. Judge, the selection is Chapters III  & XXI, which are on pages 11-13 then 59-64 of the printed edition.)

Thursday 17th November –  “Partakers of Divine Wisdom,” a commemoration of the 141st anniversary of the modern Theosophical Movement.

Sunday 20th November – About Gratefulness (talk), click here for devotional reading.

Sunday 13th November – Regarding Islam (article by William Q. Judge)  handout “Notes on Islam” pages 1, 2, 3

Sunday 6th November –  The Progress of Man handout on beginning-of-life-on-earth-a-sketch-of-anthropogenesis

Sunday 30th October – The Law of Cycles in Daily Life handout from p. 125 of “The Ocean of Theosophy”

Sunday 23rd October – The New Cycle (article by H.P. Blavatsky)

Sunday 16th October – On The Future: A Few Reflections and Why Races Die Out (articles by William Q. Judge)  with handout.

Sunday 2nd October – The Theory of Cycles (article by H.P. Blavatsky) the first in a series of five meetings in October forming a mini-course on the “law of Cycles.”

Sunday 25th September – Forming A Spiritual Focus a collation from Robert Crosbie, HPB and the MahaChohan

Wednesday 21st September – The Occult History of Occultism

Sunday 18th September – Hit The Mark article by William Q. Judge

Sunday 11th September – The Introduction to “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky

Wednesday 7th September – The Negators of Science article by H.P. Blavatsky

Wednesday 17th August – War from the Theosophical Perspective and Buddha on War

Wednesday 3rd August – Living in Harmony with Nature: Universals to Particulars, handout: Wed summer meeting 3rd August Living in Harmony with Nature – Universals to particulars

Sunday 31st July – Esoteric Insights into Zoroastrianism compilation from H.P. Blavatsky and B.P. Wadia

Sunday 24th July – A Signal of Danger article by H.P. Blavatsky with handout

Wednesday 20th July – The End of the Way

Sunday 17th July – Karma or Restoration of Equilibrium from Chapter XI of “Answers to Questions on The Ocean of Theosophy” by Robert Crosbie Sunday 18 July 2016 Ch11 Answers to questions on the Ocean of Theosophy

Sunday 10th July – Spiritual Progress article by H.P. Blavatsky

Wednesday 6th July – Deity Always Geometrizes

Sunday 3rd July – The Foundation of Religion, The One Reality discussion of the article by Robert Crosbie (p. 3-5 of PDF nos.)

19th June 2016 – ULT Day 2016 – The ULT’s Foundation

12th June 2016 – Advantages and Disadvantages in Life by William Q. Judge (along with “The Moral Law of Compensation” which is at the same link)

29th May 2016 – The Earth Chain  Chapter 3 of “The Ocean of Theosophy” by William Q. Judge with accompanying handout

22nd May 2016 – Is Denunciation a Duty? article by H.P. Blavatsky

8th May 2016   – White Lotus Day (annual commemoration of the life and work of H.P. Blavatsky)

1st May 2016    –  Cyclic Impression and Return and Our Evolution by William Q. Judge and handout

24th April 2016 – Elementals (excerpts from the article by H.P. Blavatsky)

17th April 2016 – Alchemy and the Alchemists

10th April 2016 – The Theosophical Society: Its Mission and Its Future (by H.P. Blavatsky) and handout

3rd April 2016    The Arguments & Evidence for Reincarnation  (handout on evidences from seminar)

20th Mar 2016 – William Q. Judge, The Link between East and West

13th Mar 2016 – The War in Heaven – SD, Key & WQJ article

Extra handout for “The War in Heaven” meeting

28th Feb 2016 – The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts & handout (by W.Q. Judge)

21st Feb 2016 – “Theosophy and Buddhism” Talk – Handouts #1 and #2

14th Feb 2016 – Karma and The Eye (by H.P. Blavatsky)

31st Jan 2016 – Sleep and dreams, RC

24th Jan 2016 – Greetings from “Lucifer” to the Archbishop of Canterbury! (by H.P. Blavatsky)

10th Jan 2016 – On Reincarnation Ans Qs on Ocean (by Robert Crosbie)



Sunday handouts

27th Dec 2015 – New Year’s Resolutions (by Robert Crosbie)

20th Dec – The Mysteries and the Ancient Wisdom

13th Dec – Karma (by William Q. Judge)

29th Nov – Elementals (Part II of the article “Elementals”

at http://www.ultindia.org/pamphlets/hpb/Godsandelements.pdf)

22nd Nov  Electricity & Magnetism and additional references Addendum.pdf

15th Nov   Lineage & Books of the Ancient Wisdom

8th Nov 2015   Culture of Concentration W Q Judge part 1

25th Oct    Plotinus (Great Theosophists)   click here to read an additional article about: Plotinus

18th Oct    The Book of Nature handout (talk)

11th Oct 2015   The Three Desires

27th Sept  Ammonius Saccas Great Theosophist

20th Sept 2015 Dana Key of Charity & Dana Virtue quotes handout

26th July  personality-and-individuality

12th July 2015  Instinct and Intuition


Some older Wednesday & Seminar handouts

Weds 20th April 2016  What is a Medium? (from “Psychic and Noetic Action” by H.P. Blavatsky)

Weds 6th Apr 2016   Some Meanings in the Declaration p 1-2

Weds 3rd Feb 2016   The SD on interpreting the Tao + Mencius & Chwang Tzu

plus Lao-Tze and the Tao-teh-Ching study notes

Weds 20th Jan 2016 On The Nazarenes and Henry More and “Isis Unveiled”

Weds 12th Jan 2016 quotes about mediumship

Weds 16th Dec 2015 Pilgrimage of the Monad – “a homogeneous spark which radiates” ~ from the SD and Robert Crosbie

Saturday 5th Dec 2015 The Secret Doctrine seminar handout

Weds 21st October 2015  What are neutrinos EarthSky (Neutrinos – which barely exist – just ran off with another Nobel Prize)

Weds 30th September 2015 – “The Mahabharata” a film (also on YouTube) http://www.imdb.com/media/rm50828800/tt0097810?ref_=ttmd_md_nxt

Weds 16th September 2015 Proclus with devotional reading Hymn To The One

Weds 2nd September 2015 Near Death Experiences in the Light of Theosophy

Weds 19th August 2015  Philosophical Tools Part on its Value, Use & Beauty & Prog for Part 2

Weds 16th July 2015  Philosophical Tools Part 1 Some Essentials

Weds 21 st August 2013 Organ-Transplants and Human and Animal Cloning


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