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Online meetings

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A guide to joining online

Please email us on info@theosophy-ult.org.uk if you’d like to join a Skype meeting; they are held every Sunday and Tuesday, plus the quarterly Saturday seminar. Allow one day before the meeting begins so we can exchange contacts and give you some time to read the study texts.

We’ll then call you 5-10 minutes before the meeting, do introduce yourself when you join, we are a friendly group. When the meeting gets going it is best to turn off your camera to minimise distractions and reduce bandwidth.

In the chat box you’ll see links to any handouts and also to others’ comments and questions. The icon to open the chat box is a square speech bubble on the bottom right of the main blue Skype screen.

On Sundays and for the seminars you’ll be listening to a physical meeting at Queen’s Gardens; if you have a comment you’d like to share just wait for a suitable moment and jump in, speaking clearly and close to your microphone.

You can also have typed discussions with those on Skype via the chat box, although at the physical meetings the chair will not be able to read all the typed comments.

As Tuesdays are not physical meetings (everybody is on Skype) all the comments that are posted will be seen and may be discussed aloud.

To reduce background noise when not talking, please keep your microphone muted. You’ll find the mute function at the bottom of the Skype screen, the small microphone symbol with a diagonal line through it.

Thank you for your interest in Theosophy, we wish you many enjoyable hours of fruitful meetings.

[updated 2nd Feb 20]

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