Saturday “Story Hour”

Paddington / Lancaster Gate

Children and parents welcome, see Events for times and dates


 We will read and listen to classic stories from the East & West which develop intelligence, reasoning and the ideals of empathy, compassion and discernment.

Suitable for adults and children, these ancient tales stay with us because they show why life is important and valuable, and how it can be made better for all.

The Jataka Tales, the Birth Stories of the Buddha

In these tales the animals characters think, act and talk like people while still retaining their animal traits, drawing our attention to essential principles and morals.

The tales refresh and engage us by painting life in more real colours. They are sometimes tragic, often humorous, their timeless lessons of of common sense and justice appeal to adults and children alike.





Aesop’s Fables – moral tales from ancient Greece

Aesop was a Greek slave who lived two hundred years after the Buddha, but like him used the qualities of animals to draw our attention to humanity’s wisdom and foolishness.

Each fable has a moral meaning that is brought out through simple allegories: the dependable quiet types, the “steady tortoises,” and of the charming “fast hares,” the most unreliable of all.

There are the “wicked wolves” who live off the kind but gullible “cranes” – these types are in every family-group, school or business.





The 1001 Arabian Nights

They are not just stories, but insightful tales of adventure and imagination, of both wit and bravery, vice and villainy.








We will read these stories from around the world and discuss them together and bring them to life by play acting and music, so building bridges between cultures.


On the second Saturday each month from 10 am-noon

email for details, or phone 020 7723 0688  / 07753 619 953

We open at 9:45 am, please arrive before 10 am. All welcome.

Refreshments of milk and fruit will be provided at 11 am.


‘Story Hour’ is free, all children and parents are welcome

Small donations are welcome but not asked for.



ULT, 62 Queen’s Gardens
London W2 3AH
020 7723 0688  / 07753 619 953

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We are 5-10 minutes’ walk from Paddington,
Bayswater & Lancaster Gate tube stations



The United Lodge of Theosophists was established in London in 1925 to support non-sectarian education in universal values and ethics.

Theosophy is the ancient wisdom that seeks to reconcile the world’s religions, sciences and philosophies by studying Nature and teaching the doctrines of karma, reincarnation and the unity of life.

The volunteer staff have primary and other teaching experience, as well as QTS & DBS certification.