Saturday “Story Hour”


For parents and children 5-12 years

10 a.m. to noon on the 2nd Saturday of each month

Starts on Saturday 9th March at the ULT, Paddington / Lancaster Gate

By reading and acting these classic stories from the East and West, we develop emotional intelligence and empathy, understanding and compassion.

Suitable for adults and children, these ancient tales stay with us because they show what is important in life.


The Jataka Tales, the Birth Stories of the Buddha

In these tales the animal characters think, act and talk like people while retaining their animal traits. As we listen our attention is directed towards essential principles and morals. These tales refresh and engage us by putting life’s concerns into a wider context.

The stories – sometimes tragic, often humorous – appeal to both adults and children alike, they provide timeless lessons of what is fair, sensible and just to a world that has forgotten simple truths.


Aesop’s Fables – moral tales from ancient Greece

Aesop was a slave who lived a few hundred years after the Buddha, and like him used the qualities of animals to draw our attention to human wisdom and foolishness.

Each fable has a moral meaning that is brought out through simple allegories. We all know of the dependable quiet types (the “steady-walking tortoises”) and of the charming but unreliable “hares.”

And what about the “wicked wolves” who get help from kind but gullible “cranes” – isn’t there one in every family group, school or business?

We will read the stories together, discuss their meanings and bring them to life by play acting some of them. We hope you will join us!


On the second Saturday each month from 10 am-noon, starts Sat 9th March.

Please phone to book a place 020 7723 0688  / 07753 619 953.

We open at 9:45 am, please arrive by 10 am. Refreshments of milk and fruit will be provided at 11 am.


‘Story Hour’ is free, all children and parents are welcome, small donations are welcome but not asked for.



Theosophy is the ancient wisdom that builds bridges between the world’s religions, sciences and philosophies by studying Nature and teaching ethics.

ULT, 62 Queen’s Gardens, London W2 3AH

020 7723 0688  / 07753 619 953

Directions link We are 5-10 minutes’ walk from Paddington, Bayswater & Lancaster Gate tube stations



The ULT was established in London in 1925 to provide free Theosophical study and education for adults and children. Saturday staff and volunteers have nursery, primary and other teaching experience and certificates such as QTS and DBS.