United Lodge of Theosophists, London, UK

Sunday talks and study forums



Sundays from 7 – 8:30 pm at 62 Queen’s Gardens W2 3AH

The Sunday meetings are at Robert Crosbie House and also available online for those who cannot come in person. To join by Skype, follow the link or email info@theosophy-ult.org.uk

May 2019

Sunday 5th The Sacredness of the Good in Civil Society (talk handout of slides)

Much of which makes life good and livable – fairness, temperance, a government and law free of corruption – is civil society’s glue and depends on our moral choices and sacrifices.

Wednesday 8th Blavatsky’s Secret Books (special meeting for White Lotus Day)

Exploring HPB’s time in London & contemporary research about the mysterious sources on which some of her writings are based, including new evidence about the Book of Dzyan and Book of the Golden Precepts.

Sunday 12th White Magic or Black? article by Robert Crosbie (study group text here)

White Magicians are in accord and ‘of a kind’; seeking little, they use their powers for the benefit and progression of humanity. How can we, like them, develop higher ‘spheres of thought’ and action?

Sunday 19th The Essence of the Ramayana (talk)

Valmiki’s “Ramayana” is called “Adikavyam,” the first poem. This Hindu epic tells the story of Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Ravana, and others, and Theosophy sheds light on its real esoteric meanings.

Sunday 26th Musings on the True Theosophist’s Path article by W. Q. Judge (study group, text here on p. 410 vol ii)

“The way of inward peace is in all things to conform to the divine will.” We need to recognise, and then carry out, the correct steps in living the Higher Life.

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full programme of Events for Sundays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

The Sunday meetings provide access to Theosophy through a programme of talks and the reading, study, and discussion of original articles. The meetings are generally suitable for all, whether new to the philosophy or familiar with it, although some Sanskrit words and other terms used need to be learned in order to describe metaphysical concepts.  There are comparatively few in number and most are in the Glossary.

The meetings are from 7 to 8:30 pm at 62 Queen’s Gardens, W2 3AH.

The nearest stations are Paddington, Bayswater and Lancaster Gate.

All are welcome and there are no charges; please arrive promptly!


You can come without booking, although do call if you would like to ask for more details, 020 7723 0688 or 07753 619 953 or email us using the contact form, where you’ll also find directions.

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Theosophy and the ULT

The Lodge programme takes up the writings of two of the original and most active founders of the Theosophical Society, H. P. Blavatsky and William Q Judge, along with those of Robert Crosbie, the founder of the ULT.

The influence of the Theosophical movement has popularised the Eastern ideas of karma and reincarnation and introduced to the West practices such as meditation and the – then-radical – concepts of non-violent resistance and the inter-connectedness of all life. Its scholarly and fact-based philosophy has given rise to the study of reincarnation research and man’s consciousness, both being important subjects in their own right as some of the keys to man’s well-being and his balanced psychological development.

Such developments as these have become clearly better understood and accepted over the past 100 years and are main-streaming due to the spread of theosophy… and even its New Age spin offs, cranky as some may be!

Robert Crosbie was a pupil of the two founders and started the ULT in 1909 because he wished to see their work continued along the same lines and with their ideals. The programme of the ULT remains loyal to these original pioneers, whose writings remain far above that of later authors and who are the most reliable and trusted sources of the Perennial Wisdom of theosophy.

If you would like to discuss this sustainable, rational and life affirming system please do get in touch or attend a meeting.

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