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Sundays from 7 – 8:30 pm at 62 Queen’s Gardens W2 3AH

11th November

“Friends or Enemies in The Future?” (text PDF, 1:92) an article by William Q.Judge (study group)

Karma teaches we reap what we sow and Reincarnation predicts that we come back in the “company of those with whom we lived and acted in other lives.” So can we now turn enemies into friends?

Also “The Buddha on War” with a commentary from Theosophy (text PDF)

Judge’s article shows how karma brings us back among those with whom we have before lived, loved or fought, and being the 100 year remembrance of the Armistice after WW1 we will take the Buddha’s dialogue with General Sinha, on war and how to make lasting peace.


18th November

“A New Consciousness”: Theosophical Movement’s 143rd Anniversary

On 17th November 1875 a Movement was started by a certain benevolent Eastern occult fraternity to elevate human consciousness at a crucial point in its history, and this work is actively continuing today. The programme is online here.


25th November

The Great Sacrifice & Mystery-Land of Shamballa, extracts from H.P.Blavatsky (study group)

Shamballa has captivated imagination over the centuries, but where and what is it? It is connected to a “Wondrous Being” who is the head of the worldwide Brotherhood of Adepts & Masters.


2nd December

Human Intelligence: a Ray from the Cosmic Mind     (talk)

The Perennial Wisdom teaches the creation of human consciousness-intelligence by the expansion of the eternal Mind. The intelligence of the earliest ‘golem’ robots and modern AI is its elemental aspect.


9th December

The Fifth and Sixth Root Races      compilation from H.P.Blavatsky (study group)

The evolution of humanity through successive “root races” is an important concept in Theosophy. Our present epoch, called the “Aryan” in its original & ancient meaning, is the 5th root race.


15th December  (afternoon seminar on Saturday, 3 – 6:15 pm)

Hypatia & Tsong Kha-pa, Bruno & Paracelsus

This third On the Path seminar takes renowned teachers of the East & West from 400 CE to the end of 17th c. to uncover what has always existed, a universal and natural system of ethics and science.


16th December 

“What is Truth?”  The Thirsty Wayfarer and other Allegories   (presentation)

The Wayfarer must become the Path he walks if his journey is not to become a ritual; just so, even great adepts can only reveal the Truth to minds raised up to assimilate it. An article by H.P.Blavatsky.


23rd December 

The Meaning of The Winter Solstice     compilation from H.P.Blavatsky & Robert Crosbie (study group)

Astronomically the shortest day of the year, the Solstice has always been considered a sacred day, being also close to 25th December, the symbolic birthday of the Sun gods of earlier eras.


30th December 

Reincarnation: The Great Journey      from W.Q.Judge (study group)

Death is not the end, neither is birth the beginning. This cycle has a great meaning & purpose.


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The Sunday meetings provide access to Theosophy through a programme of talks and reading articles. They are suitable for all, whether new to the philosophy or more familiar with it. Some Sanskrit words and other terms are used as they are better to describe metaphysical concepts, but there are only a few and are all explained in the Glossary.

The meetings are from 7 to 8:30 pm at 62 Queen’s Gardens, W2 3AH, the nearest stations are Paddington, Bayswater and Lancaster Gate. All are welcome, please arrive promptly and there are no charges.


You can come without booking, although do call if you would like to ask for more details, 020 7723 0688 or 07753 619 953 or email via the contact form, where you’ll also find directions.

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About Theosophy and the ULT

The Lodge programme takes up the writings of two of the most active founders of the Theosophical Society, H. P. Blavatsky and William Q Judge, along with those of Robert Crosbie, the founder of the ULT.

The influence of the Theosophical movement brought to Western thought the largely Eastern ideas like karma and reincarnation. Theosophy introduced practices such as meditation, and the then-radical concepts of the interconnectedness between all forms of life and the principles of non-violent resistance. These developments have gradually become better understood and accepted, for instance giving rise to the modern study and appreciation of consciousness as a subject of great importance to man’s wellbeing, freedom and future development.

Robert Crosbie, a pupil of the founders, started the ULT in 1909 because he wished to see their work continued along the same lines and with the same ideals. Therefore the programme of the ULT remains faithful to these pioneers whose writings remain the most reliable and trusted source of this perennial and well-evolved system.