United Lodge of Theosophists, London, UK

Tuesday and Wednesday Study Classes

Wednesday Theosophical meeting

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Download the programme of readings from the above link, the study texts are at the bottom of the right sidebar.

The weekly study classes resumed in October and will run until the summer break starts on 23rd / 24th June 2020.
The Wednesday meetings are held at the Lodge, the Tuesdays are on Skype and are accessible to those outside London.
The details of how to join the meetings are at the bottom of this page.


7 pm online  study of “The Dhammapada,” Buddha’s practical and best-known teachings, and “The Key to Theosophy” with extracts from “The Secret Doctrine” by H. P. Blavatsky, ends 8.15 pm.


7 pm at the Lodge  as above for Tuesday; ends 8.15 pm.
8.30 pm  reading a new biography that is being translated on Robert Crosbie‘s life and work, ends 9.30 pm.

About the texts

The Dhammapada deals primarily with how to live a more conscious life through understanding and then gradually mastering one’s mind and thought processes. It is one of the more accessible and easy to apply of the Buddhist texts.

The Key to Theosophy presents the Theosophical teachings in a clear Q&A dialogue. This classic text is most beneficial both as an introduction for those new to the philosophy and also for the great depth and detail which holds the attention of older students.

The Secret Doctrine” is one of the most valuable and important of Theosophical texts and gives the most complete description of the occult philosophy of all the Theosophical books.

The biography of Robert Crosbie Crosbie was a student of H. P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge, he founded the ULT to continue their work. This new biography gives details of his exemplary life and work for the promulgation of Theosophical wisdom.

The Lodge opens at 6.30 pm on Wednesdays, please arrive in good time for a prompt 7 pm start.

All are welcome to participate in the classes, you do not need to have prior knowledge of philosophy.

The Tuesday Skype class is for those who can’t attend on Wednesdays.
To join email info@theosophy-ult.org.uk or fill in the contact form.
The Wednesday classes can be attended without booking but you are welcome to email or phone 020 7723 0688 for details.
PDFs of the books can be downloaded via the link in the right sidebar, they are also available for purchase from the Lodge.

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