United Lodge of Theosophists, London, UK

Tuesday and Wednesday study classes

New timings for some meetings during the summer programme


Wednesday Theosophical meeting

The weekly Wednesday study class at the Lodge and the Tuesday online class (which follows the Wednesday schedule* are now paused for the summer and will resume at the start of October.

The summer twice-monthly Wednesday meetings can be joined online, details below.

Information on events during July to September, including the twice monthly Wednesday groups, are in the complete programme here.

The Sunday page here has the links to the texts that will be studied, including the summer Wednesdays.


To join the classes held at Queen’s Gardens you can come without booking, although do call if you would like more details.

Phone 020 7723 0688 or 07753 619 953, email info@theosophy-ult.org.uk or via the contact form.

* the weekly Wednesday and online Tuesday class will re-start on the 1st & 2nd October and will be a study of “The Key to Theosophy” by H. P. Blavatsky and the teachings of the Buddha in the “Dhammapada.”

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