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Information handouts

We have a number of topical handouts available for students and visitors to take away consisting of articles, compilations, or quotations, thought to be of relevance and interest.  You can find their PDFs here.

Meeting handouts relating to the regular Sunday events can be found in the relevant place on the Events page.

On Theosophy

The Real “H.P.B.”  a compilation from some who knew H. P. Blavatsky, shedding light on who and what she really was – and is – in her inner being.

* Definite Words for Definite Things  important insights from “The Key to Theosophy” and “Ocean of Theosophy” on the importance of using accurate and commonly accepted terms.

* About The Mineral Monad  this brief but informative article explains much about the mysteries of monadic evolution. From H.P. Blavatsky in “Five Years of Theosophy.”

* The Beginning of Life on Earth ~ Anthropogenesis  A sketch of how life on earth evolved, showing diagrammatically the Rounds, Globes and Races. Work-in-progress, comments invited via the Contact page.

Lineage & Books of the Ancient Wisdom  a map of the small number of esoteric treatises from which have sprung the great religions of the world. Work-in-progress, comments invited via the Contact page.

* The Seven Principles of the Human Constitution  A chart of the features occult philosophy uses to define the human being. It is the interrelationships of the states of consciousness to their associated degrees of nebulous energetic matter that provides the key to understanding what we are and what is our right relationship with our mayavic, illusionary environment.

* On H. P. Blavatsky and William Q Judge  an address by Robert Crosbie, founder of the ULT, to fellow students on the teachers he studied under and knew well as H.P.B. and W.Q. Judge, but whose highly developed natures tell another, more profound story.

On religions and other movements

* Theosophy on Jesus  drawn mainly from the writings of H.P. Blavatsky, this is an overview of what Theosophy says about Jesus, who he was, when he lived, and the question of his relevance or importance for the world at large.

* On Prayer and Worship an understanding of Esoteric Science shows why prayer, worship, and devotion to “God” and “gods” (as entities) is not recommended and may lead to varying degrees of psychic and mental health issues. From the Master M., B.P. Wadia and others.

* Hidden Origins of Rosicrucianism  excerpts from one of H.P. Blavatsky’s earliest articles, written even before the Theosophical Society was founded, and which contains her first public mention of her connection with Brotherhoods of Adepts.

* H.P. Blavatsky on the Bhagavad Gita  on this important Hindu scripture, along with significant words about Adi Shankaracharya by HPB.

On Neo-Theosophy and the New Age movement

* Original Theosophy and Later Versions  an overview of five important distinctions between the original teachings of Theosophy and later contradictory versions formulated after the deaths of HPB and William Judge.

* Getting a Basic Overview of The New Age Movement Today  a summary of today’s New Age Movement and the “theosophical” origins of some of its most popular concepts and teachings.

Who was the Adept – Francis or Roger Bacon?  it is time to restore the name of Roger Bacon who HPB called “this wonderful old magician” and to correct wrong impressions about the later Bacon, Lord Francis, who was no adept and unlikely to have inspired Shakespeare’s great works as some suggest. Although H.P. Blavatsky recognised the quality of Lord Bacon’s moral aspirations, she yet frankly calls him dishonest!

On living wisely and dying well

* When We Die  an extensive chronological overview of the after-death states, processes, and experiences, from the original Theosophical teachings.

* Real Occultism in 14 Aphorisms  brief insights into the true virtues of an occultist by an unsigned author thought to be Robert Crosbie or William Q. Judge. A pithy and direct overview of an Adept’s celestial discipline.

* The Centres (Chakras) in the Astral Body some deep and interesting information, primarily from William Q. Judge but also from HPB’s “The Secret Doctrine, regarding the actual nature and role of the “chakras” and cautioning that “the finer currents and nerves of the inner man [can] be thrown out of adjustment if one in pride or ignorance attempts, uninstructed, to deal with them.”

* Human and Animal Cloning (Part 1) and  Organ Transplants (Part 2) are handouts with quotations from HPB and WQJ on these modern issues given in the Summer Wednesday programme “Theosophy in the 21st Century” on Weds 21 August 2013.

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