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Theosophical Notes No. 4, Summer 2018


Editor’s note                                                                         2

Humanity’s Finer Sensitivity                                               4

Theosophical Prophecies                                                    9

The Original Masons’ Code of Brotherly Love                  11

Moral Longing in the Kali Yuga                                         12

The Search for Truth in Philosophy and Science            15

Original Theosophy and Later Versions (cont’d)             17

The Extraordinary Astral World of Fossils                        22

Modern Geological Eras and the Theosophical Cycles  26

Correspondents’ Letters                                                   27

a) Mount Carmel’s Mystery School                                  27

b) David Bohm and the Spiritual aspects of QM             29

Publishing: the Non Fiction Bestseller List                      30

The Newsletter                                                                   31


Madam Blavatsky Protests to ‘The World’

If I reply to your criticisms – rhetorically brilliant, but wholly unwarranted by the facts – it is because I value your good opinion (without caring to cajole you), and at the same time cannot sit quiet and be made to appear alike devoid of experience, knowledge and truthfulness.

Respectfully, but still rebelliously, yours,


[ This reply was printed in The World, a daily newspaper in New York April 1877. We reproduce it here as it demonstrates the trouble HPB went to to explain her altruistic philosophy and to defend her good reputation. From Ryder’s 1933 “The Complete Works of H. P. Blavatsky, Vol. 1, 1874-79,” page 148; emphasis added. ]


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Theosophical Notes No. 3, Spring 2018

Theosophical Notes No. 2, Winter 2017-18

Theosophical Notes No. 1, Autumn 2017


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from the Editors


The emblem for the Newsletter comes from two early theosophical magazines, taking the radiant AUM of the Path, edited by William Q Judge, and combining it with the Egyptian “winged soul” from Theosophy of Robert Crosbie…

The newsletter is intended for students and associates of the United Lodge of Theosophists firstly as a place to read, research and comment on the seed ideas given to help us navigate these times with understanding, wisdom and charity, and secondly to provide a place to re-examine the legacy that Robert Crosbie left to the ULT for the 20th and now, as it turns out, also the 21st century.

Crosbie advised Lodges to engage in “free and frequent communications” and so build a shared sense of fraternity and to create lasting and rugged bonds of respect and friendship. This vision persists and will appeal to those who – as WQJ so poetically put it – may “ever feel the surge of the vast deeps that lie beyond the heart’s small ebb” and who sense the possibilities of this universal path.

With good wishes,

The Editors

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