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What it means to join the ULT

There is no membership in an organisational sense, but the ULT welcomes as Associates those who are in sympathy with the values, aims and teachings of the Perennial Wisdom. You do not need to become an Associate to attend meetings or take the Correspondence Course.

There are no costs or fees in becoming an associate, it does not confer any special privileges other than those won from work in understanding the philosophy. No-one is asked to become an associate, it is a voluntary decision that registers one’s inner commitment to the work of researching for oneself the teachings of the Ages, and applying them as one sees fit.

Some do not feel the need to become an associate and this is fine. Others do and find it to be something quite transformative and significant in their inner life and spiritual journey.

One becomes an associate by signing one’s name on the Associate’s card, a yellow card on which is printed the ULT Declaration of Policy on one side and the associate form on the other.

The cards are available at all Lodges or study groups, or you can request it to be sent by mail by contacting one’s local Lodge or the Los Angeles Lodge.

Anyone can become an associate, even if they live in an area or country where there is currently no ULT. Numerous associates have never even been to a Lodge or attended a meeting but feel a great connection with the work and mission of the ULT.

After writing their name and address on the card, it is then handed back or sent back, after which the person is registered.

The Associate’s card emphasises that “such association calls for no obligation on my part, other than that which I, myself, determine.”

Before Becoming An Associate

Before signing the Associate’s card you should study the implications of the “Declaration of the ULT.” After that you may or may not offer to sign the card. The decision means that which the individual intends in his own “Heart” to support and sustain. So there is no room for false promises. All signers determine for themselves what they will do. The commitment is to Theosophy, to one’s own HIGHER SELF, and to no outside individual or “form.”

The signing of the Card has a meaning only to the individual who signs it, as the ULT is not an organisation per se.

The ULT will continue to offer its help and facilities to all comers.

No questions asked of anyone.

“Fearlessness, sincerity, assiduity in devotion, generosity, self-restraint, piety, and alms-givings, study, mortification, and rectitude; harmlessness, veracity, and freedom from anger, resignation, equanimity, and not speaking of the faults of others, universal compassion, modesty, and mildness; patience, power, fortitude, and purity, discretion, dignity, unrevengefulness, and freedom from conceit ― these are the marks of him whose virtues are of a “godlike” character.” [Ch. 16, The Bhagavad Gita]

Some ask “What is Theosophy?”  And they point to some of the predecessors of H. P. Blavatsky.

Some say that if we adopt for ourselves the ideas of Theosophy we will fail to see the value of others’ sayings and teachings. But a sound knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom will help you see the truth in all the world’s religions and philosophies, as the eclecticism of Theosophy explains their basis. We need not fear that mere words will grade or separate individuals, that is not the concept of Brotherhood; what is needed is a knowledge and wisdom that unmasks error, and explains and enlightens.

There is a vast spiritual Unity in the Universe, we are ALL ONE.

It is a brotherhood of ideas and, like all sciences and philosophies, it has a few basic concepts – since it is the most ancient wisdom, those concepts are universal, basic and apply to all who profess to speak for Theosophy, in whatever language and in time or place.  They give the same scope to all, and limit no one.

Ancient wisdom knew – and continues to know – deep and vast knowledge about ourselves, our purpose in life, nature, the universe, the highest god-like principles in Nature and of man’s history on earth.

Theosophy is a portion of that ancient knowledge, it was brought to us by H. P. Blavatsky toward the end of the 19th century as taught to her by her Teachers.

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